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Better decisions through dashboards

Every Team Leader always look for a tool that gives insights about the performance of the team. Collecting and figuring out data about team members from various sources manually is very inefficient way while making decisions.

Here comes the best use of Team Summary Dashboards. When utilized properly, these can help you make decisions about team performance that are perfect for long term.

It helps people focus on output. By asking us what we are working on for the day, a COB goal is created.

Receive all data from one place

Nothing can replace the management of things in just one place. So, here BusyOn dashboard displays real-time key information and performance indicators of your team and the output they are incorporating.

Whether it is the current task assigned or any project which has been worked upon 2 months earlier, dashboard summary helps you take decisions and understanding your team better and widen your horizon. Team leads as well as members use dashboards summary to quickly gain insights about their recent and past activity.

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