Asynchronous Scrum Meetings within Slack

less team meetings

Get focussed in work & attend less meetings

Getting more accomplished in less time is every team lead's dream. Scrum makes it a reality and easy to handle. Using Slack for scrum meetings saves time and streamlines the process.

With BusyOn Slack bot you can run asynchronous virtual meetings or gather meeting agenda before daily scrum.

It created awareness of the tasks and activities within the team.
Maxwell Mojapelo at Sanlam Investments

Your meetings can be time and location compatible

Being asynchronous however can provide with benefits that not only on-site teams get to enjoy. No more interruptions while you are in the middle of your task breakthrough on one of your tasks, just to go into a meeting.

With BusyOn you can prioritize work over meetings, since you can shine in at any point in the day and provide your team with the recent update on your progress.

timezone compatible

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