Frequently Asked Questions

About BusyOn for Slack

Getting started

General questions about BusyOn

✓ Once BusyOn is activated, the Team members can update their activities using the /busyon command in the authorized channel which can be tracked by the Team Leader easily.

✓ Integrate your Slack channel with BusyOn and get the real-time updates of your team activities.

✓ Get the Progress Report or Activities on daily basis, as well as check the previous one by our amazing calendar.

✓ Receive updates from an individual or multiple teams at an instance. Availability of switching from one team to another on a single click.

✓ You can Integrate BusyOn with your favorite Google Calendar in just a single click.

✓ Each day we send an email with what was done the previous day. By which you can track your teamwork easily.

✓ With BusyOn, you will receive Automatic Reminder to post activity in your channel. You can also choose to opt out of it.

✓ You will also get Advanced Dashboard to check team activity summary at single place.

✓ You can also post your activity in BusyOn panel and it will be sent to Slack channel instantly.

Pro Plan Includes

✓ Everything in Free, and

✓ Get Top 5 Activity of member or team in your integrated Slack channel.

✓ Mark Activity As Completed

✓ Work in Multiple Teams without Re-Login

✓ Automatic Reminder to Post Activity

✓ Multi-Language Support Web Panel

✓ Post to Chat Integration

✓ Integration with Google Calendar

✓ Advanced Dashboard with Analytics for Admin and Users

✓ Export Reports To Different File Formats

✓ Advanced Activity Filtering Tool

✓ Custom Team Name and Logo

✓ Unlimited Standup meetings

Using BusyOn

Tips and Instructions

To Integrate Google Calendar with Your Activities, You just need to go onIntegrations->Google Calendar at WebPanel. In that section, you'll get a button (Link Your Google Account), Click on that and Started Syncing of your activities on Google Calendar.

Reminders are used to remind the team members to post their activity in a given interval of time. Admin can make the settings to post the reminders on the basis of selected days, time-between and given interval.

If you want to change the channel which is Integrated with BusyOn to get the notifications in the different channel, you just need to do add to slack again with the different channel.

Pricing and Billing

Payment Related Questions