BusyOn Re-defines The Way You Manage, Track Team Task and Activities Within Hangouts Chat

Easy creation & assigning of tasks in Real-time

This will help in the quick formation of tasks and assigning them to the employees in real time. This will too streamline the whole process of tasking.

real-time tracking

Display the pending tasks and perform the operations in no time

To curb down chances of failure, you can see the pending tasks assigned and thereby check complete timing of task accomplishment.

list tasks

Check the Activities of Team Members & their Time Spent, with amazing Calendar

Get the List of Activities of current day, as well as the previous days. You can also check how much time is spent on each activity.

track work

Provides a detailed view of tasks from assigning to completion and total time taken

A complete processed way to display the journey of tasking from very assigning a stage to completion.

task details

Advanced Dashboard to check team activity

You will also get Advanced Dashboard to check team activity summary at single place.

real-time tracking

Integrate with Google Calendar

You can Integrate BusyOn with your favorite Google Calendar with just a single click.


Get the Report of the previous day in just a single Email

Each day we send an email with what was done the previous day. By which you can track your teamwork easily.

daily report

Work in Multiple Teams

Receive updates from an individual or multiple teams at an instance. Availability of switching from one team to another on a single click.

track work

How It Works

Install BusyOn for the Hangouts Chat room

To install the BusyOn on Hangouts Chat, do the following steps:

Connect with GoogleConnect with Google

How members can use the BusyOn?

To use BusyOn on Hangouts Chat, do the following steps:

  1. Type @BusyOn in the message box and press enter.

    To add BusyOn to that Room.

  2. Once added, Type @BusyOn in the message box.

    The Sign-In link appears.

  3. Go through the provided link.

    The user can view all the updates of the activities associated with all the team members.

  4. Type @BusyOn followed by your current task to record in which task you are working on currently (in the authorized Room).
  5. Type @BusyOn followed by the task name and mention your team members to assign the tasks (in the authorized Room).
  6. Use @BusyOn list to get the list of your top pending tasks.

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For more information and queries, you can Contact Us at support@botmywork.com.