BusyOn Re-defines The Way You Manage and Report Team Task Within Hangouts Chat

How It Works

Add BusyOn to a Hangouts Chat Room

Add BusyOn to the Room.

After that, click on the following button to login to your BusyOn account:

Connect with GoogleConnect with Google

After successful login, go back to the Room and create your first task.

How team members can use the BusyOn?

To use BusyOn inside Hangouts Chat, check the following:

  1. Type @BusyOn in the Room and press enter.

    A Sign-In link appears.

  2. Now click on the link and sign in to your account.

    Once done, go back to the Room and create your first task.

  3. Type @BusyOn followed the task name; optionally mention one or more @user to assign it, add a date to set a Due Date to task

    e.g. @BusyOn @Frank send documents due 5 PM or @BusyOn buy drink due tomorrow at 8 AM

  4. Type @BusyOn list To list pending tasks in each Room.

    e.g. @BusyOn list

  5. Type @BusyOn help To know how to use BusyOn bot inside Hangouts Chat.

    e.g. @BusyOn help

For frequently asked questions click here.

For more information and queries, you can Contact Us at support@botmywork.com.