BusyOn re-structures the way managers track team tasks and help them in team management with the advantage of asynchronous team meetings within Slack

Hold standup meeting within Slack

Through this, you can have daily scrum meetings within Slack. This will provide you with a way to tap in with the task assigned to your team members and issues they are facing in their work. More importantly, this will be asynchronous meet which means teams working together from geographically different areas get the most benefit out of BusyOn. This can prove to be an effective way for team communication.


Frame your own daily scrum report

You can set your own questions for your teammates to grab the real-time tasks assignment. Through this, you can understand the project status through your team members. These questions are set by scrum master or the team leader. You can also Automate the scrum meetings to get it Scheduled Daily, Weekly or Monthly within Slack.

team management

Daily complete updates in real-time

You can simply integrate a Slack channel with BusyOn to keep track on who is working which task in the team via regular task updates by teammates. This extends an overview of the project which is going on, who has been assigned and what part of the project has been completed. This is a sort of an overall report which the team leader fetches from this bot.

realtime tracking

Track time spent on a task

With BusyOn, you can also mark your task as complete on just a click of ✅ emoji. You can also mark as pending by re-clicking on ✅ emoji. You can also view time spent of a task via Activity section in BusyOn web app.

track work

Get your tasks listed within Slack

Just using /busyon in your integrated Slack channel, you can get Top 5 activities of team. You can also filter the list for specific team member.

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Tap in the Daily Team Performance with a Click

Being the third eye over all day's tasks, you can check the activities with just a single click. Adding more to it, you can fetch progress report and activities on daily tasks assigned and also of previous days. This will help to manage your team's work by every inch!

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Switching between Teams would never be an issue

Now it would be easy for the team leader to switch between teams and know the tasks their team members have been assigned. This is possible from BusyOn web app. Without any hassle, the team leader can tap in the product development without actually going to every employee's workstation.

team management

Let your Email Track your Previous Day Working

If you want the previous day's working report, go ahead and receive report through emails. You can also track your teamwork performance as well. What's more, this will surely let you know about the tasks done the previous day by your teammates. This bot will create the thread of the task done with ease.

daily report

Automatic Reminder will Help you Recall

Whenever you forget posting your tasks with BusyOn, automatic reminder feature will become your real savior. BusyOn reminds you to update your current task on a regular interval so that your task list in up to date. This will create a complete working culture which will improve team communication.

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A Hubspace to get all Tasks from One Place

To save your time, you will get Advanced Dashboard to view team tasks from a single place. This will allow the team leader to handle effective daily work smoothly. That also from a single platform. This project management bot informs the team leader about the work assigned and thus work accordingly.

realtime tracking

Update tasks to Slack channel via BusyOn Web App

You can also update your task from BusyOn Web App and that will get synced into your Slack Channel in real-time. This will assist you as the team lead to know everything about your team and the work which is happening. In latter stage, this process will sustain effective communication.

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Save Valuable Time by Integrating Google Calendar

Yes, you can do so by integrating BusyOn with your best pick Google Calendar account. This will help to keep tap with the work aligned and this work accordingly. This upcoming automated tool is able to smoothly acknowledge the work assigned and assist it accordingly.


Our Happy Clients

Overall it has been a worthwhile addition to our portfolio and I am looking forward to use it more. The best part of the program is that even a non techie can use this program and this has been the biggest takeaway from use the program, as in our organisation it is used by everyone across a broad range of function be it clerical, financial, technical personnel

Ganesh Subramanian

(E-PoS Systems (India) Pvt Ltd)

(TaskOnBot for Slack) Facilitates the management of everything setting up a reminder check!

Andrea Gonzalez

(Montgomery college)

It (TaskOnBot for Slack) was easy to integrate and keep track of tasks as the project progresses.

Chase Martin

(Elon and Company)

This (BusyOn for Hangouts Chat) is a great platform to work on.

Ruan Meintjes

(Conversation LAB)

It (BusyOn for Slack) helps people focus on output. By asking us what we are working on for the day, a COB goal is created.


(Sanlam Investments)

How to Start

Install BusyOn for the Slack Team

To install the BusyOn on Slack, click on the button below:

Add to SlackAdd BusyOn to Slack

How can members use the BusyOn?

To use BusyOn on Slack, do the following steps:

  1. Type /busyon in the message box.

    The Sign-In link appears.

  2. Go to the provided link.

    The user can view all the updates of the activities associated with all the team members.

  3. The user can also post his own Activity using the /busyon command in the authorized channel.
  4. The user can mark their activity as completed by using ✅ emoji.
  5. The user can get Top 5 activity of member or team by using /busyon in your integrated Slack channel
  6. Now, you can run Standup meetings asynchronously within Slack with no extra efforts and track status of work of team members.
    Type /standup command in any channel to Run Standup report manually or Automate them.

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For more information and queries, you can Contact Us at support@botmywork.com.