Use Broadcast Messages In Messenger Bot And Reach Multiple Users' In Zero Time

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Chatbot Broadcast Messages is one of the best functionalities that Messenger bots provide to its users. With broadcast messages, users can send messages to a target group without visiting each messaging window. Broadcast Messenger bots bring automation in the sending process & provides an organic interface to users while sending broadcast messages.

botmywork bot builder

Create Your Chatbot Broadcast Message To Connect With Your Subscribers

Create your broadcast message with zero friction to engage with your subscribers' and create an online presence.

Cross-Check To Get Maximum Results

Double-check the broadcast content to confirm it doesn't violate Facebook terms and policies. Check the sentence flow & remove the grammatical error of broadcast announcement by modifying the content before sending it to all active subscribers.

botmywork bot builder
botmywork bot builder

Schedule Broadcast Messages To Reach At The Right Moment

Messenger bots empower its users to schedule the broadcast content to acquire more engagement on any special occasion.

Segment Customers By Using Filters & Tags

Use a chatbot to broadcast content to the subscribers you want by employing required filters and tags. Filters are based on the demographic information, tags, and Facebook template strings. As the demographic detail about the customer increases the list of filters automatically get improvised.

botmywork bot builder
botmywork bot builder

Broadcast-Id For Analytics Purpose

Chatbot Builder works on Messenger platform, that returns a numeric broadcast_id for acquiring information about the broadcast content. This broadcast_id can then be used to gain the analytic report that can be used to track parameters like how many subscribers have received the broadcast.

Employ Broadcast Functionalities In Your Organization & Engage With All Your Subscribers!

Benefits Of Using Messenger bot with Broadcast Messages

Provides cordial user interface while practicing the broadcast channel on Facebook Messenger.

Forms a network of engaged subscribers for the business on Facebook Messenger.

Update the target audience about the new releases and functionalities of specific products & services with a single click.

Why Choose Facebook Messenger Bot Developed By BotMyWork?

We provide Bot customization to let users' meet all their business specifications.

The broadcast chatbot uses Send API & Broadcast API while sending broadcast messages to subscribers.

Easy to engage with the target audience using Facebook Messenger marketing.

Messenger chatbot is approved with Facebook subscription messages for gaining better results.

Leverage The Power Of Broadcast Messages & Connect With All Subscribers Without Pestering Yourself!