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Meeting Alert: Project manager along with team leaders are requested to gather at level 2 sharp by 10 am

Yes, this can be a general phenomenon of any multinational organization nowadays.

Well, being one of the multinational employees myself, I know that it becomes a little tricky to gather for a meeting just after you have entered your office and done with bio-metric.

But, my friend this is today’s scenario and to know better about what you had done yesterday is beneficial… so gear up for effective scrum meeting.

What is Scrum Meeting?

Well, it just like a simple daily meeting where you along with your seniors deem to discuss methodologies that you should work upon with pressure of a deadline, with time clutching to tap with deadlines, time constraining, the mushrooming competition now and then and the need to stay always upright to beat them.

Adding to this more, scrum meetings are like short and crisp. It is purely a standup meeting where every employee is always standing. They are never given a cushioned chair. It is just 15 minutes meeting where there is a scrum master as an acting presiding head. This is generally scheduled in the morning where the previous day working is discussed.

Why it is needed in any organization?

  • Well, that you know such meeting lessens the percentage of communication gap and off course grapevine which is mostly seen in working spaces. Talking about its main essence, effective scrum meeting fetches you with working which has been in process since quite some time.
  • Not only that, during the daily scrum process, each team members are questioned these:
  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What will you do today?
  • Are there any impediments in your way?

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What are the ways one should keep in mind while holding scrum meeting?

1. Be static with the guidelines

As stated, the meeting should commence at the given time without any delay (this means in the terms of absenteeism of members). The scrum master takes over the meeting for just a short duration so that daily tasks could start. It is his duty to run an effective meeting which foresees incentive extending to the employees and also imposing penalties on those who are absent.

2. It’s an executive meeting…

The seriousness of the meet is the main essence. Only the concern person like scrum leader and team members should attend the meeting. This will intensify the team communication. Scrum meeting allows collecting the daily data of the team where only one team member is allowed to speak.

3. Be focused on what is happening around

It is a good idea to prepare a list of topics and priorities which need to be discussed during a stand-up meeting. Effective scrum meeting should incorporate those items which are currently in process or those whose due date is approaching should be dealt with. Also, the topics should be of universal interest, else they tend to go off track.

4. Stick to 15 min time limit

This daily stand is sustaining only for 15 minutes. It is very hectic because no processor solution for any problem is discussed. It is a most executive management tool which any business should have.

5. No distractions allowed

Being a member of the scrum team, there should be not any distraction by any member of the team. This should not be any hamper of the decency of the meeting any sort of electronic gadget or sound. It is an executive meeting that will get followed for product development.

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6. No reclining or comfortable-cushion chair for the meeting

Yes, you have not come to any social gathering that will get welcomes with comfortable and cushion backrest. Scrum meeting is all standing meeting where team members are alert and are sound with the work doing.

7. Be ahead of time

Keep in mind that members attending this effective scrum meeting should be well prepared to speak up! Well, it does not mean that with the heck of speaking up, they should start with something gibberish. Their speech should limit what they did the day before, what they plan to do today and what are the difficulties they are facing in meeting their goals. For this, the scrum leader should make it clear to the team members what he expects to hear from them at the meeting.

8. Keep the meeting centralized on the team and project objective

This is a strict meeting which keeps the steam up of the workability. It is just a 15 minutes meet where every member is expected to know each and every word of the seniors and the new development to incur (if any). So, keep the meeting centralized and your focus clear for the project management.

9. It is brief

It is short and to the point. This meeting is not that which discuss everything which is happening in the group. These meetings are really very short and very crisp. This dearly deals with a certain project which is current and a framework is required.

10. Encourage team spirit via scrum meeting

Keeping pace with all the team members is the real sauce. You as scrum master should include all the offshore members who are working on the same project with different geographical location. Your scrum meeting at least should not be scheduled at an odd time. This guarantees you are filling in as a group with your seaward mates. Once more, as a scrum pioneer ensure that the colleagues look at one another and speak with one another as opposed to talking and focusing just on you. This will make the gatherings more successful and grow better comprehension among the group.

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With the advancement of every professional sector, we wish that your business sector grows in the right direction. Call it a daily stand where every team member knows about what exactly happens in a particular project without fail.

So, with the heck of a time, you too need to automate the process of handling development in teams. This festive season, make the best of scrum automation so that your business does not stand idle.

Don’t be the part of yesteryear…

This will help you to conduct your scrum meeting with your members who are working from different geographical location or even you can yourself be part of this automated technique when you are offshore.

Stay tuned to learn more!

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