Know how Messaging Marketing is the DAWN over social media

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Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger takes the lead role in evolving messaging scenario. What are you missing out?

Since last 7 years, messaging apps are experiencing supernatural growth. That includes both a number of users and the time spent in the concerned messaging platform. Now, the scenario has seen a sea change. This facilitates checking stories through timelines and news feed stand null and inefficient.

Now, the spur is how to encourage or incorporate one-to-one communication or direct communication from the concerned person. Well, the real truth is… with the pace, in the working culture. Nobody in this world is sitting to get entangled in the grapevine or mere gossip!

So, to curb down the shortcoming of social media, you need to get the hang of messing scenario when is standing on our door.

Well, this transformation will open up major challenges and opportunities for users, marketers, brands and will have major implication for apps, bots & AI drove chatbots.

To support the story, there are platforms like Kik, Whatsapp, SnapChat and WeChat which are becoming more popular for users, they emerge as important channels for business.

The New Dawn for messaging app…

advantages of messaging marketing

A recent study claims that about 6000+ young people with an average age of 16 about their habit in using social media communication. Well, the finding was Facebook is currently experiencing a shift and thereby the platform is making their move on other platforms which initiates one-to-one communication. Being the leading social media giant in today’s world Facebook has also come up with its messaging platform like Facebook Messenger.

The scenario has come up when Facebook messenger will conquer the major part of one-to-one communication via this social media giant. Likewise, app download numbers are also a good number of indicators of the current popularity of messaging apps. If we talk about facts and figures to prove our article,

Whatsapp captures the foremost position with 104+ million active downloads, followed by Facebook Messenger with 85 million downloads and Facebook as a parent platform backs with 41+ downloads.

So, here is the catch for all my marketers who should notice the shift in the trend. Well, the new trend comes with an ample number of advantages for the companies who already enjoy the upscale of social media channels.

What advantage it holds with the hack of changes

Let’s find out…

  • Target mixed bag of people

Messaging app is prevalent in all levels of society. Unlike a social network, where the age group does not matter much. But on the other hand, messaging apps are used on a daily basis by young and old. Through this, you are much likely to reach the right target group with the messaging app.

  • Going viral and well sailing

It is quite easy to share information in messaging apps without any change in design, structure or appearance. Shared content in social networks or on the other hand, is strongly dependent on background information.

  • New channel

With the advent of time, messaging marketing has been a new field. There’s still time to take advantage of the first-mover effect and establish your offer in messaging communication. Messaging apps is used in a number of ways that includes offering support services in the app, using chatbots to process requests, entertainment, info services and much more.

  • Strong performance

You will also tap with the same fact that messaging apps are the customer’s most private communication channel. People who use messaging apps tend to be easily accessible. Its open 90% and click rates of 20%-30% information reach customers much more effectively in messaging apps than in other types of media.

messaging app communication

  • Pocket-friendly maintenance

Well, as the messaging app is taking up the nerve its developmental and maintenance costs also get pumped up. The expected costs may shoot up to EUR 100,000. Well, contrary to that, many other organizations claim to costs just $9/month for the same. You just need to encounter the right one according to your organization.

  • Well-developed feedback channel

Messaging apps are an easy way to get in touch with customers. Your customers can use the chat function to engage with you in direct conversation. It’s the best way to create a loyal customer relationship.

  • Multimedia


As you may know, the messaging platform is the perfect option for communication for multimedia content. You can include videos, images, GIFs, audio files and PDFs when sending out messaging app-laden newsletters or emails and even chats. That lets you create a completely new experience for your customers.

  • Chatbots can bring great change

Messaging apps are never ‘just’ what they say, they are much more than that. Chatbots in the coming days will be a real game-changer with the inclusion of AI or artificial intelligence. Well, these small programs within the messaging app itself can be used in entertainment, brand promotion, product information and much more.

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A new side of AI Chatbots

There are innumerable articles shared over the web about chatbots and their upbringing, but do you know about Microsoft has recently unveiled social chatbot in the dragon plain? Yes, Xiaoice is the bot which stands in this criteria.

Microsoft has been testing Xiaoice in China and Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO revealed the bot has 500 million “friends” and more than 16 channels for Chinese users to interact with it through WeChat and other popular messaging services. Nadella added, “Xiaoice has her own TV show, it writes poetry and it does many interesting things. It’s even a bit celebrity.”

Presently, Microsoft’s bot is only in China now. But, soon it will spread its credibilities in other countries too.

Passing on the mic to you

In the world of so many things around, messaging marketing has taken over the leap to gear over the scenario of social media. Gone are the days when brands used to pitch in through their social media platform and look up their engagement rate.
Now, the companies just need to voice up via their messaging platforms and let their word get heard.
For your sake, we have a solution for this need. Chatbot Builder will help you with that.

This comes with an improved customer relationship with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Here, you can build your much-needed bots according to your business that is well synced with your Facebook page as well.

So, you are just a step away from creating a customized chatbot with an inquisitive bot template and natural language processing.

Stay tuned to get more updates

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