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Top 5 ways Slack bots help boost team productivity

March 22, 2018

Beginning with the bot system, which has taken over your tiring tasks in professional front with ease. But, the main magic startled by SAAS which automated the whole process and evolved with Slack Integration.

Now, many of my friends will be wondering what is Slack and how to use Slack?

Slack is a web app organized by team collaboration and has been successfully developed through automation via tools and services. This has been bloomed by Stewart Butterfield.

Slack isn’t simply a medium platform through which you can line up your meeting with your colleagues, or hold a chat with your friend or even maintain a track of your projects assigned. It is much more than these:

  • Easily come together within teams to increase productivity and automation.
  • Save time by letting bot maintain & track things around you.
  • Streamline around different tools.
  • Implement HR-based operations with ease.
  • The quickest way to track team tasks and manage them without hassle.
  • Inspect your team’s activity through reporting and filtering tool with ease.

Now, let us discuss 5 ways to make most of Slack while you are under work pressure!

Slack is an exceedingly customizable and automated channel which will extend with advanced features to manage everything with ease and keeping up with time.
It is pretty much sure that, in the days to come when digitalization will come to power as the main domain controller, services through Slack and its peripherals will surely replace today’s managerial proceeding and also making notes.
Additionally, the rest of the story you will yourself understand when you will sign up with any Slack integration.
With better support, you can also take help of other Slack bots which will help to reduce your time running after people with new updates and information.

  1. Connect your slack with Google Calendar and manage events easily: Through Slack, you can very well schedule your events with Google calendar and thereby manage your work among with different teams.
  2. Control your workflow with Slack notification and meet deadlines with ease: It is very genuine that when you work under pressure and with crunching time, you can have a slip of the mind. But, on the professional front, you cannot forget your task! So, to curb such situation, you can take help of BusyOn where through automation it will send notifications to all the team members about the task assigned and the deadline for which it has been asked.
  3. Initiate Slack into proper task management medium: You can take help of Slack bots TaskOnBot and assign tasks within seconds. Simply create tasks & assign them to any number of team members. Additionally, you can also track ongoing tasks of your project on a real-time basis.
  4. Turn Slack into proper HR Management tool: If you are an HR manager of any firm and want to ease your work in a single go then take help of LeavesOnBot+. It is an all in one Slack bot for implementing critical HR activities in your organization. It consists of an inbuilt leave calculator, knowledge-base management system, performance appraisal system, and also Team Survey system.
  5. Connect with your sales tools to Slack to manage sales: As a sales manager, you can pull sales reports, update CRM details, celebrate deals, and find client and order history all without leaving Slack using slack bots dedicated for sales procedures. Some trending bots in this category are Intercom, Troops, and Qwilr.

For instance, through the help of bot system, you can get hang of BusyOn, TaskOnBot, and LeavesOnBot+which will surely simplify your work to ground zero. Additionally, it will manage your team with ease and will increase the performance of yours as well as your teammates.
By now, you have developed a clear idea that what type of chatbot systems will replace today’s human tasking. Slack has many peripherals which has defined you that how much they are worthy and dearly needed in the days to come.

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