Top 5 benefits how taskbot can mend your working at office?

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Slack has become an advanced and leading tool to automate the working culture for tomorrow. And that’s why task bot is that best solution which you need to implement!

This will not only help in keeping the team on the same page but also improve team productivity. So, if you still lagging behind in managing things while at work, then task bot can be your savior.

This will be your best of slack bot which can manage your manual task with ease and thereby improve team management.

Addition to this, Slack has become a major head turn. This has re-designed how teams cooperate with each other at the workplace to come out with scaling productivity. So, get the wheel turn and agree with task management with a more efficient workflow.

Lets binocular for best 5 benefits to use a task bot and manage the task with comfort:

  • Create and assign the task at the same time:  Like other features, task bot incorporates the easy creation of task and that can be assigned on a real-time basis. Not only proper task management, but you can also get better access to your team members. This will in return would lead to a stronger connection and also produce effective teamwork. For instance, TaskOnBot can help you create a task by typing /assign in the message box and assign a task to your team members by selecting their names from the drop-down menu.
  • Check task status without leaving Slack:  Yes, you read it right! You can simply check task management of your team by using Slack and not leaving it actually. There are multiple task statuses like In progress, Review, On Hold, etc. This will help to be streamlined and acknowledge each team members output in a better and managed form.
    If you are an admin, this will save time and will present with the best productivity in real time. Certainly, you just need to export the progress report of your team to know the status of the task via downloading it and even sending it to an email.
  • Meet deadlines via due dates, comments and priority task assigned: As you are the admin of your Slack team, you can track down the task assigned to your teammates and by when they have to meet the deadline. Task bot also sends out real-time notifications which help teammates know more of their tasks. For this, TaskOnBot will accomplish your desire and will never turn you down!
  • Adding recurring tasks easily to automate repeated tasks: It happens when you have a task which needs to be created on a recurring basis. Well, earlier you did not have any option in your slack bot but now you simply have this new benefit. Now, go easy on Actions menu on your task and add it Recurring with a suitable option like daily, weekly or monthly inside Slack. If you still need to dig in for more inputs, TaskOnBot will help you immensely.
  • Receive Reminders on your task to get a hang of your work-flow: Don’t you worry that you have a ticking clock and what happens if you miss your deadline. No issue, you will not miss your deadline. Task bot comes with improved team work‘s framework which comes with reminders per task and sends you timely reminders before a task is due.

So, gone are the days when you had to sit back and listen to your hot-headed boss when not able to manage a task or accomplish tasks according to the set time. Don’t you worry, just choose the best according to your requirement and you will be on with better task management?

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