Top 10 Encouraging Ways To Motivate Employees

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motivate employees

A workspace cannot go with ‘I’. Instead flip it with ‘We’ & see the results

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The same thing applies to your organization too. You as the leader of your organization should ease everything.

By burdening your employee with work pressure, you should always motivate employees to bring out their best work performance. As you must have learned that human put their best performance when they are under pressure. Work culture varies from place to place but the organizational head should keep in mind to motivate and encourage employees.

Humans come with a mixed bag of emotions and thus they have a general tendency to hear good about themselves when they outperform. This happens more than expected when employees are motivated and praised. Phrases like- ‘Yes, you can do it’, ‘Proud of you’, ‘good to have you here’ work very well. Well, these words work as elixir towards meeting organizational goals with the marvelous outcome.

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Now, let’s count upon good 10 points which can be implemented to motivate employees.

  1. Recognize tasks/assignments: One of the best and topmost way to keep your employees motivated and happy is by recognizing them by their tasks. Day to day we forget to encourage people for their work. It should not be the case, to motivate employees you can also review them on the basis of their performance and accomplishment.
  2. Gather feedback for rewards: Follow the rule of-’Act Fast and Gain Rewards’. You should reward your employee for providing feedback fast. By doing this, your employees will also be encouraged and you will also have your feedback.
    In the long run, you should keep on implementing such things which will pump up employee engagement in your organization. You can praise them in your communication channels as a sort of a reward.
  3. Support their new ideas: New ideas mean evolution and more interaction towards your organization. It doesn’t matter, from which employee you are getting a new idea. Be it any idea related to template displaying or implementing new technology, it should be implemented.
  4. Insist on work-life balance: After all, they too are human. Motivate employees till it stands workable in their part also. Provide a positive and enriched working environment, which makes things balanced.
    At the same time allow them to balance their personal life also. Remember, everybody has their personal spaces outside their professional working stations. We all should respect it!
  5. Be transparent and honest: Create transparent and trustworthy bonds with your employees. For this, you can also hold surveys to get a solution over some issue or event.
    Running an organization does not only encourages employees to work better. It too motivates employees to hold transparent and host ties with the organization they are working with.
  6. Have an open door: A well professional yet open-minded boss is always welcomed for running a positive and fruitful organization.
    Any employee should not think twist to approach someone senior for any discussion or sharing his/her idea with. There should be smooth communication between two parties.
  7. Provide free and helpful service: Your human resource management team comes to great help here. Your organization should be familiar enough with the issues your employees are facing.
    To know better, your HR team should be working as a bridge between your employees and the organization at large.
  8. Start a workplace tradition: To motivate employees better, you need to ease with better events celebrations which near and dear to them. Events like birthdays, anniversaries or even festivals can be celebrated in a large scale. Create events and experience the joy among your employees.
  9. Let them be unique individuals: Now, on a serious note if you want to motivate employees, don’t ever compare them with others. Everyone is different from another and that makes them unique individuals.
  10. Communicate clearly what you expect: To encourage employees engagement, make smooth and clear communication flows into your organization. You can add quick and easy tasks assignments for better management of digital tools available in the market.

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The crux of the story:

Running an organization is never been a singular thing. It sustains many lives working together to bring out excellent results. You are the leader of your team or organization. So, should not bar yourself from showing concern to your people by whom your organization is working.

So, motivate employees for better output after all you have run a flourishing organization.

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