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Team Task Management can be healthy! Takeaway-Hangouts chat-bot

August 2, 2018

Office + work pressure + team + task assign= BusyOn bot

Operating an office is not a child play. It needs fine tuning of coordination among your organization’s management and employee. It is a fact of any organization culture that requires a pure balance of team management.

Being the leader, your subordinates or colleagues look up to your suggestions and advice. So, to keep the team management healthy and worth functioning. It is helpful so that nobody in the team should hover over your shoulder as you tick off every task each day.

Here, you would learn about 5 encouraging steps which you as a team leader should incorporate. So the whole team together for harmonious notes.

Team Management

1. Review your team’s current workload: Being the team leader of your group, it is very important to have team collaboration. And this you would learn via team’s current workload. Which team member is working upon which task/project should be acknowledged to you. You should have a real-time update of your team activities with ease.

2. Identify over allotted staffs: You as the team leader of your group should acknowledge which team member is ‘over-burdened’ with work. You can follow a smart rule which states-

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3. Identify under allotted staff: Well, everything has two sides. So if we have discussed over allotted staff, then we should discuss under allotted staff too. In every team, you would find this kind of people who do not produce an ample amount of work. To know which type of tasks they are busy, you can even have casual meets or even take the help of google hangout chats.

4. Account for skills and absences: Team management does not only ask for managing task accordance with a due date. It too requires to know that you as the team leader of your group should know that when they would likely to take holiday or be away from their workspace. Communicate to them and know their point in the action and according to plan your working. So, track their work smoothly and know on which project they are working upon.

task reporting

5. Adjust the assignment: Being the leader of your team, you need to be vigilant about everything. Look out for tasks which are big and is taking a lot of time to complete. Chunk it out in different portion. Create tasks related to this to the members who are not so busy. Hold a conversations chat with team members and thus you receive updates from an individual or multiple teams with ease. You can too get a hang of google calendar.

Summing in few lines:

My friend, these points are possible manually but you are in the 21st century. During the recent scenario, BusyOn bot as an ultimate solution for everything.

Two years from now, we expect that bots would take over the human conversation style. This will provide a smooth information flow in all channels in real time. If you want to manage your task with ease, you have got BusyOn bot for Hangouts Chat. As discussed above, you can manage each and every task with utter smoothness and system.

So, if you like this blog and feel that it might help your organization to run a streamlined balance, please comment below. It would betoken of appreciation from your side to us 🙂

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