Steps To Create Free Messenger Bot With No-Coding!

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Messenger Bots are the future of Facebook Messenger marketing. In the initial days of bots, only a few businesses have recognized the benefits of bots. With the visualization of chatbot marketing results, many organizations started leveraging the same.

And the latest trend in chatbot industry is Facebook Messenger Bot. Organizations that are putting their efforts in planning, execution and monitoring of Facebook marketing must integrate bots in their strategy.

But, if you’re new to chatbot marketing, you must first learn the meaning of chatbot and its related terms. My colleague, Sanya Aru has manifested a pictorial representation of bot marketing in one of her content pieces. In simple, but an effective tone, she has mentioned what is a chatbot and chatbot builder. Read out the blog to add feathers in your chatbot knowledge. 

Back to the topic!

Facebook Messenger chatbots Are The Need Of The Hour!

Industries that are integrating their Facebook business page with Messenger chatbots are gaining better conversions. And the remaining are planning to adopt it by 2020. So, what’s in your mind?

Are you planning to become a developer or learn new programming languages? Only to improve your Facebook Messenger Marketing results. And to acquire more potential leads through conversational marketing.

But hold on…

You can still take the benefits of Messenger bot with zero coding. So, let me introduce you to the best chatbot builder tool that works to make users life stress-free.


BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is a no-coding platform that promotes conversational marketing on Facebook Messenger. It provides ingenious chatbot solutions for all businesses to stop the involvement of human agents.

The main objective of BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is to reduce staffing costs and the number of tickets received on the customer help desk. It holds various features that can make businesses grow in a better style.

Few of the features are broadcast messages, human takeover chat, lead generation, and FAQ. But there are many more flexible and adaptable features that makes it the best chatbot. So, let’s discover the no-coding steps of BotMyWork Chatbot Builder to create your Messenger bot.

A chatbot builder that is FREE FOREVER?

Yes, you read it right. BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is FREE to use the platform to build a chatbot. Just connect your Facebook page and load up your business with Facebook Marketing.

Step By Step Guide To Create Messenger Bot Without Coding


1. Connect Your Facebook Page With Chatbot Builder

Activate your chatbot by logging in with your Facebook business account. Few pop-ups will appear asking your permission. Grant them to make your bot more responsive.

Login page

Once you’ve logged in with your Facebook account, select the page you want to integrate with chatbot builder. Users can select only one page at a time. The multi-lingual feature isn’t supported for now but will be accessible in the next versions.


On completing the steps you’ll be redirected to the home page of chatbot builder. In left-sidebar, every tab holds advanced functionalities. Click on them to make your Messenger bot as per your specifications. Users can also use the analytics report to determine

  1. How many messages they’ve sent?
  2. How many messages they’ve received?
  3. With how many users they’ve interacted?
  4. How many new users they’ve acquired?
  5. What is the number of buttons pressed?

And there is a graph that depicts the number of subscribed and unsubscribed users. Use this analytics report to review your business progress.

Note- By default, the “Get Started” button is enabled. Users can add more conversational options by using the “Persist Menu”.


2. Create Greetings To Make Your Subscribers Feel Special

The greeting messages show up in the messaging window of users. This is used to make them feel special and create a personalized experience.

Click on “Settings” from the left sidebar. In “General Settings” there is a text box with heading “Type your greeting message here…” click on that box to create your content. In real-time review how your content will appear on Messenger by clicking on the “Show Preview” button.


When you are done with your changes, click on the “Update Greeting” button to make your content live.

Note- The greeting message disappears at the moment users start an interaction with the bot.


3. Create Personalization Through Stories

Create conversational flow and set default replies for subscribers/customers queries by using stories.

  1. Click on “Stories” from the left sidebar.
  2. Click on “Welcome” to set responses customers receive on clicking “Get Started”.
  3. Set responses in “Default” block that bot will use when it fails to solve customers’ queries.


In the “Main” section create cards to form conversational flow that will happen between the bot and subscribers.

Native Elements like (text, lists, gallery, email, phone, location, quick reply and image) can be used while creating cards.

Note- Users can create up to 50 cards using native elements.


4. Use Knowledge Base And Reduce Support Work

Based on your customers’ queries create a pre-defined list of questions to reduce staffing cost.

Every user leverages different keywords. But the answer to the question remains the same. That’s why in “Knowledgebase” panel users can set the keywords that customers use the maximum time to form interaction with the bot.

Such as- if customers types “restaurant” or “restaurant near” or “restaurant nearby” or “restaurant in US”. The bot will respond with answers like-

Are You Looking Restaurant For?

  1. Chinese
  2. Italian
  3. Continental
  4. American
  5. Indian

This will reduce support work plus create a personalized surrounding for the customer. That will simultaneously enhance the relationship with customers.

In “If user says” block enter the terms that your customers might use for the interaction [press ‘enter’ to separate phrases]. And in “Bot Replies Randomly With” block add the most relevant answers for the question.


Users can add up to 5 text replies for every question. And if required users can also add the card created in the stories panel. But it should hold proper images and URLs. If it contains any incomplete information bot will stop responding.

Note- Use the template strings [{{first_name}}{{last_name}}{{name}}{{input}}] to make your answer look more personalized.

Users can create up to unlimited groups for FAQ. Click on “Add New Group” and create as many knowledge base, as you want for your business.


5. Perform Real-Time Bot Testing

On completion of the above steps test how your Messenger bot is responding. Cross-check the above steps if any error comes during the interaction between the bot and user. If you’ve implemented all the above steps and even after the cross-checked your bot isn’t responding. Contact our support team they’ll be available as soon they receive your query.


6. Implement Facebook Messenger Widget

Add Facebook Messenger live chat widget on your website using these steps.

  1. Click on “Integration” from the left sidebar.
  2.  Now from “Whitelisted Domains” click on “Add New Domain” button present at the upper-left corner of the section. Here you can insert the URL where you want to display Facebook Messenger widget.
  3. Customize it as per your desire in “Personalization” panel.
  4. Now connect with your potential leads.


Note- Users can add up to 50 distinct domains by clicking the “Add New Domain” button. On completion or failure notification appears on the screen.

Users can personalize the live chat widget in terms of colors and transparency. They can also review changes on the widget from the same panel.



Giving You The No-Coding Steps For Creating Your Messenger Bot!

I have provided you with the steps through which you can create your BotMyWork Chatbot Builder. This post outlines how to build a Facebook chatbot without coding a single line. Implement these steps to increase engagement level and conversion rates of your business.

If you’ve any doubt about the steps or BotMyWork Chatbot Builder contact us at support@botmywork.com or Facebook community.

In our next blog, we’re going to introduce a complete package of chatbot features! Stay in touch to know about the flexible features.

Do you want to build your own conversational bot for Messenger? Get Started with BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

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