7 Messenger Chatbot Tactics: How To Grow Your Business

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messenger chatbot tactics

Chatbots are the base for Facebook Messenger Marketing and to use them effectively, some messenger chatbot tactics we’ve brought you must be aware of.

You almost can’t do Facebook Marketing without a chatbot. But why do you need a chatbot for your business? Let’s find out with some stats:

  •’s 2018 report says, 40% of millennials say that they chat with chatbots regularly.
  • Live Chat Software has a 73% customer satisfaction rate, a report from G2’s Facebook Chatbots Guide 2018.
  • Messaging apps have over 5B monthly active users according to Hubspot. That means an enormous number of audience and exposure for your brand.

7 Messenger Chatbot Tactics To Grow Your Business

1. Divide Your Audience

You can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all strategy these days where every user has a different taste. Use your chatbot to segment your audience on the basis of the data they shared.

Your smart chatbot can collect numerous data with quizzes, forms, etc. Use this data to segment your users according to their interests, demographics, etc. You can also assign them tags to determine which user will get what kind of messages.

If you have a blogging platform and a group of your audience is interested in SEO related blogs, you can create and assign those users that SEO tag to send them blogs related to SEO.

This is the benefit of Chatbot Builders as it helps you assign custom tags to every single user as per their interest.

2. Deliver Relevant Broadcast

Sending a blog post related to blog writing will annoy a user who’s fond of SEO. Broadcasting will only work if you keep it relevant. If you execute the third point well, sending relevant broadcast messages to your audience wouldn’t be a tall order.

A Hubspot’s research showed that Facebook Messenger broadcasts can have upto 80% of average open-rate and 13% of CTR.

You just have to assign the right tags which won’t be difficult because your users have already shown their interest in a specific category. This can be the most impactful messenger bot tactic to boost your marketing strategy since it builds credibility.

If the right message is sent at the right time to the right audience, users will love it and the open-rate will get an increment because they’ll definitely open the message if it’s relevant to them.

3. Collect Data With Chatbot

I don’t wanna sound harsh but forms are boring and humdrum. However, chatbots can be an interesting medium to gather user data. Some smart chatbots can retrieve the info user has added to his profile. Some ask users to provide their details on chat.

Either way, it’s great and effective to gather the data without letting them fill tedious forms. This messenger chatbot tactic will let you know your users deeply.

In a Nielsen study by Facebook, it was shown that 61% of people like to get personalized messages from businesses.

The more info you have about a user, the more personalized content you’ll be able to deliver with your messenger bot.

4. Customer Support On Chatbot

Helping out customers is the ultimate agenda of a chatbot and providing customer support is a well-liked way to help customers. Chatbot industry is growing like a bushfire and it’s expected to grow at a compound rate of 35.2% in the next 2 years.

This data shows how valuable chatbots can be for your business. You can use chatbots for marketing and if you have an eCommerce business, you should provide complete customer support via your Facebook Messenger bot.

Abandoned Cart Messages: If a customer adds a product in his cart and leaves the site without purchasing the product, you can follow him up with a cart abandon message on their Facebook Messenger.

Order Details: Order specs, price, etc. can be hard to find for the user if they’ve to reach your website or app then going to My Orders section. Sending the details of their order on messenger chat will ease the way they access their orders.

Shipping Information: You can also provide shipping details via messenger chatbot to help customers easily track their orders.

It’s a super-effective messenger chatbot tactic because it resolves customer’s issues hence enhance their buying experience. Using it can ramp up your messenger marketing strategy and build customer loyalty.

Create a FAQ chatbot for Facebook page. Code-free

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder helps you automate your customer queries, provide 24/7 live support, and measure customer satisfaction.

5. Use Persistent Menu

A convenient way to make the conversation easier for the user. Looks frivolous but also can be used as a messenger chatbot tactic to ease customer’s chat experience and make them say more and type less.

The persistent menu is the small sections shown below the messages your bot sends to the user. You can put the URL of your site or link of a blog or product to redirect the user in one click to the page with this menu.

If you’re asking for the feedbacks or info, use persist menu to let them choose their reply in one click.

You may think that how this can be a growth-oriented messenger chatbot tactic. Well, this can be as the user likes to click fewer buttons to convey their messages. The persistent menu already collects their messages. All they need is to click the one they wanna send. If you ease their chatting experience, they’ll prefer you over the others.

6. Use Comment-To-Message Feature

Using the Comment-To-Message feature for facebook messenger marketing can be a huge success for your brand. Just one post can make your brand prominent in the marketing world.

64% of people would prefer to message vs talk on phone or email a business. Anand Arivukkarasu, Product Growth Manager, Facebook

What you have to do is to make intriguing posts that catch the user’s attention and your social media bot will handle the rest. It works as when you make any post on Facebook, whoever comments on it will get a reply on his Facebook messenger.

A great example is Derek Halpern’s post. He asks users “What is a good (and realistic) sales page conversion rate?”

If a user comments the answer on the post, he’ll receive a message in his facebook messenger via your messenger bot like this:

Once the user types Show Me, the bot sends the Watch Video option which’ll redirect the user to a video. You can also promote your products just like Derek did in this conversation by saying “I’ll also send you other content”. If the user likes your content, he’ll more likely buy your products.

The bottom line is that comment-to-message feature can be an effective messenger chatbot tactic in boosting sales if your messenger chatbot treats the user well.

7. Click To Messenger Ads

Click-to-messenger ads are the ads you get to see on your Facebook feeds with a “Send Message” button on it. It redirects the user to their facebook messenger when clicked. Despite being an effective way to drive traffic on messenger, only a few businesses are using click to messenger ads.

Keep in mind that users aren’t gonna visit you on facebook messenger, you’ve to redirect them there. This can be your messenger bot tactic to enhance your messenger marketing strategy.

You can use these ads to reach more audience on Facebook. As all your ads will have the Send Message button, if they click the button they’ll reach you on messenger. You can use your chatbot for lead generation here since your chatbot will gather the user info by asking him.

Final Words

Chatbots automate your business and as of Facebook’s wide audience and reach, chatbots, if integrated on your facebook page, can expose your brand to a massive audience.

From using the comment-to-message feature to giving intelligent bot service, your facebook bot can help your business grow rapidly. Use above messenger bot tactics to provide valuable and free chatbot solutions for a thriving Facebook Messenger bot strategy.

You don’t wanna take a shot in the dark, do you? If you wanna target bull’s eye with chatbots, these above chatbot marketing hacks should be in your todo list.

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