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February 6, 2018

Working under pressure has been a routine of your daily schedule. Rushing from home to stay on time for office and then catching up with your regular daily projects has become a cyclic phenomenon. So to get stay tuned with development within the team and the task assigned, you need something out of the box. This will help to beat time and also do successful projects!

Receive time-to-time updates within your teammates and know what they are working upon!

So, with the crunch in time welcome Slack as your latest and unique savior! Slack is a team communication software where you can get regular updates which will enhance you and your teammates’ functionality. Adding to it, this is a one-stop solution which integrates and thereby improves your team collaboration. It will also manage every official work with ease. So now, no more excuses for not catching up with deadlines and communication gap between you and your teammates!

How it would help you and your team to stay updated with your task?

  1. Frame-out projects through private streamlined channels: Discuss the specified project by creating Channel for each project. You can also create a private channel for projects. Here, you can add the specification of the project and which teammate will start what task.
  2. Working in collaborative teams for better output: Accept updates upon which team member heading which project. This will help to know who all are there in that collaboration. Initiating this will develop a longness towards the assigned task and your team.
  3. Trail your work with ease: Through Slack, you will get better reviews of your regular work which has been assigned to you by your team leaders. This will also acknowledge who is assigned to what work! This will also let you know how is your work going and what other tasks you are still to get along!
  4. Help other teammates to share the workload: It is very genuine that you may share the workload of your other teammates so to meet ticking deadlines. This is the most important pillar while you are working in a team. Here, slack comes as a perfect integration tool which will improve team collaboration from the very beginning of the project.
  5. Receive notification upon your work: Through slack, you can receive notification about your task. Not only that, you will receive daily updates and changes in the functionality of the task assigned. So, if you want to manage the official task with satisfaction and fulfillment then slack can be your tool for business.
  6. Accept project report through Slack: Integrate Slack for your project report and receive real-time updates and notifications within your team/group for better performance and maintain high standards.

So, stay tuned with your teammates and receive regular updates on the task assigned with Slack.

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Join Slack and be updated with…

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