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For a better office functioning, whole HR team works as gasoline for running things together and without any difficulty. As Slack has already fostered a great deal of understanding within team-mates and produced more productivity in less time, it is high time its growing effect should also penetrate into the realms of human resource management!

So, you must be thinking, why should you choose office slacking for HR?

But, my friend if you are not thinking likewise, you are missing out the catch!

Office slacking for HR is much needed as it:

  • Streamlines platform for all employees to communicate with HR and discuss their issues with ease.
  • Easily grant leave without any trouble
  • Increase transparency within the office realm
  • Give better access to information
  • Helps processes smoothly
  • Recollect leave status for the entire team
  • Leave calculation based on working day and Holiday
  • Extends well-defined company culture with compatibility to treat each employee with equality.
  • Develop HR knowledge base with the ongoing activities around.
  • Leave management with an inbuilt calculator
  • Advanced dashboard to display the summary

Since the recent past, with over 4 million users have opted Slack for Human Resource Management. It has also upscale strategic investments which HR team members across the globe are trying to optimize as much as possible.

So if by chance you are lagging behind, create a Slack account now!

Earlier, the slack was used within a team for better task processes, keeping up with deadlines, better project management, smooth communication and everything else to increase productivity. But now, it has grown its reaches and is able to facilitate the best of services in human resource management too!

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How can you improve your HR process through Slack?

The answer is LeaveOnBot+ by BotMyWork. By installing LeaveOnBot+ within your Slack workspace, you can improve HR Management based activities within your team by:

1. Type /leavesonbot To manage, view and apply leaves in seconds

2. Type /ask To create a knowledge base and get the answer of your question related to your Team.

Well, these all can happen if you cut short your problems like:

  • Not letting employees know about their leave in balance.
  • Not letting any information about any modifications done in the company policy.
  • Managing leaves with proper approval and disapproval of leaves.

Well, managing the different group at a time can be difficult but not with Slack! LeaveOnBot+ with Slack is a great communication tool for your business to outshine employee engagement and accomplishment of the project by the set deadline.

So if you, as an HR head of your organization cannot able to manage things with smoothness and calm mind, then maybe you are missing an important pillar of your organization!

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