Improve project management through Slack bots

February 10, 2018

If bot service had been available 10 years back, could have the post for PA and VA (Virtual Assistant) ever been created? Well, the answer is likely No!

Since the recent past, the bot has become a part of the bright future of business automation. And creating a positive room for bot service, slack bot along with its slack management team comes up as a nodal channel for it!

So, sailing with the time and the requirement it asks for getting things done correctly has become the main motto! Slackbot keeping heed with the work and ticking time, it has become a ‘personal assistant’ with primary function as helping you and your team to communicate smoothly and thereby enhance productivity. The Slack management team is always there to provide professional assistance on a real-time basis.

Are you missing the catch? Create slack account now!

Now, let us discuss how to improve one’s team productivity through choosing correct slack bots for better and valued productivity!

So, what is the real story of Bot?

Let’s put it up like, a bot is a non-human platform which triggers command text and a trail of events. This further initiates a third party API call and also other responses etc. Here, slack act as a mother unit under which other bots functions.

So, let’s get started!

BotMyWork has come up with slack bots TaskOnBot & BusyOn:


If your team is lagging behind in keeping up task managed with the project allocated, it is high time that you install TaskOnBot and start getting things done. Through this, you can easily:

  • Assign tasks within seconds
  • Trail tasks in real time
  • Meet deadlines
  • Manage and organize workloads
  • Generate team report with a click
  • Notification help you track work-report


If you want to streamline all the work report and want to get hold of the work-progress in real time, get BusyOn bot within and create a Slack account. Here, you would get:

  • Real-time updates of your team activity
  • Get the progress report of the team of the current data as well as the previous day
  • Make working easy within multiple teams and switching from one team to another
  • Invite teammates to join the group

In the time to come, it is pretty much sure that there is always something which will manage your professional schedule with ease so that you could be on par with others. So, be an eminent part of this slack world where TaskOnBot and BusyOn help with managing, assigning and accomplishing a task has become easy with a flick of the fingers!

Nevertheless, the Slack management team works the best for extending bot service over the globe at every time grids.

Hope to cater to you soon!!!

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