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busyon bot

Do you all know, BusyOn bot launches on Google Hangouts Chat?

Yes, you read it right. Say any simple 1 to 1 chat or even team meeting of your workplace, Hangouts Chat will make it a lucrative process in a managed way. And with the blend, you can now get real-time updates of the teammates and on which projects they are working upon. Additionally, you can filter them to check all within Hangouts Chat.

Be it any size of the team and you will manage the workability and task management with ease!

  1. Work with other apps:
    Pick any working for your team. Say it schedule meetings, assigning tasks or getting updates and holding team communication. All will take place within your chat which will be an umbrella in Google GSuite. Additionally, chat connects to different third-party tools. This giving way to manage everything from one place.
  2. Hold team communication from any device:
    No need to worry whether your team communication will is secure or get encrypted by some spammer. No worry! Hangouts Chat is secured by leading grade security for proper mobile device management. This too includes single sign-ins, two factors authentication, and many others.

Let’s discuss how you will go about when Google Hangouts Chat clubs in with BusyOn bot on your Google GSuite:

  • Update according to real-time: Get the best benefits of BusyOn bot integrated with Chat will fetch you real-time updates of the whole team.
  • Keep a check with daily working: Maintain a track of your team and get regular updates of the tasks performed.
  • Tap into what is happening in different teams: For better task management, get reports from different teams on a single click.
  • Start better functioning with Google Calendar: Among other tools and services, you can integrate this with Google Calendar on a single click.
  • Refer to the previous day’s working: According to each day’s working, you will receive an email on the basis of the previous day’s work.
  • Automatic reminders to post activities: Through this, you will also receive an automated reminder to post activity on your room.
  • Integrated dashboard to check your team activities: From a single place, you can your team communication with ease.
  • All on the Hangouts Chat integrated room: You can post your activities in the BusyOn panel and that will get transferred to Hangouts Chat room.

busyon bot
Let’s bite in more with this integration:
With BusyOn bot, you can enjoy best of activities related to reporting and filtering tasks assigned to team members. This happens within Hangouts Chat. Followed by,

  • Unlimited user platform,
  • Track unlimited team activities,
  • Unlimited progress history,
  • Export reports to CSV
  • SSL secured connection.

If you have not yet installed this for better task management, do it now and follow these steps through which ease out your office working…

-> Type @BusyOn in the message box in any of Hangouts Chat room. Followed by the sign-in link appears.

-> After, following the link provided and successful login, the user can see all the activities performed by all the members of the team on our web panel.

-> For posting own activity, the user can write @BusyOn command in the authorized channel followed by his current task.

If you want to start with a thread:

-Type @BusyOn in the message box and press enter

-Once added, type @BusyOn in the message box followed by sign-in link will appear.

-Via going the link, the user can view the updates of the team members.

-User can also post his activity using @BusyOn command.

Wrapping up!

By now, you must have a fair idea that Google has come a long way since 1998. As days went by, from building a search engine that linked to determine individual pages to the present situation where you can simply direct google to do things like play music, direct roadmaps or even read you an easy recipe…

So, don’t waste any more minute in task management inside Hangouts Chat. It is right here with BusyOn bot and enjoy every task and team communication with a light mind.

Be the one to manage your team task with smartness than going speechless…

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