How to track work of employee when starting up?

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“High expectation is key to everything.”- Sam Walton, Walmart Founder.

As you have made up your mind to start up with your new venture, it will be very generous to inform you that many budding entrepreneurs did not track work or grabbed the market nerve overnight. It isn’t possible indeed.

So, what were they lacking behind?

Let’s count upon…

  • Lack of funds: As you are beginning for the first time, it often cases that many of the budding managers run out of funds. It is not that, it cannot manage or, but from the very beginning, they could not able to collect a well cumulative amount for their venture.
  • Poor communication flow due to lack of channel: Poor communication channel also plays a vital role in keeping down the numbers of the startups. How? Because they couldn’t able to keep up the proper channel through which they can communicate or advertise for themselves.
  • Time restraint: As real-time stats speak up- Time is Money, it should not get stopped by any hindrance. As the entrepreneur kickoff, they should commit for long hour working so to track work from the time of establishment. This is a very crucial phase to handle.
  • Difficulty in the gelling new system: Here, planning and preparing stats are the keynote things. The budding entrepreneur should maintain from the very beginning. They should work upon before they can declare themselves ‘OPEN FOR BUSINESS’. This includes keeping an eye on their bank accounts, new business plans which they observe and many others.
  • No back-grounding: It is but obvious that when you are starting up, you will face difficulties. You won’t be getting everything cooked unless you step into your family business. As startup entrepreneur does not sustain any plan for their business and on which direction they should mold it. It becomes difficult at the beginning.

What is the solution?
You need to be more polite and down to earth when you are starting up with a new venture. In the beginning, you may feel hay-way with the types of tasks assigned to your employees and the way to extract the result by the end of the day.

You as the proprietor of the business, you need to put some time out for tracking your employer’s work. With the dilemma in managing the thing, you can get a hang of tracking work of the employees with ease.

What we incorporate?

  1. Encourage friendly competition: You need to be really calm and easily understandable to every situation. As you are beginning up, you cannot afford to be furious on the working of the employees. If they are going wrong, you need to stand by and help them so that they could stand with you and your upcoming organization for later stages. Keeping up friendly behavior in an organization is one of the important pillars for pacing up the new startup.
  2. Initiating employee management system: Play hard, Work hard can be a perfect hymn for any organization to run in the right direction. Working is only fruitful and becomes positive if and when the mind is fresh and free. You as the owner of your business can track work with the best of positive vibes in the organization. Tracking work of your employees can be only possible if you have a smooth process and with the heed in time.

  1. Synchronize work on a daily basis: From the very beginning of your venture, gelling up things with one another is very important. As you have started you need to check the activities assigned to your employees and also keep track with their previous day working.
  2. One uniform place to check team activity: Yes, now you have so many teams to checks with their working… So to ease the effort, you can get a uniform place to check team activities in real time.
  3. Working in multiple groups will never bother you again: YOU being the owner of the forthcoming organization, should look forth for working in multiple groups with ease. You should craft yourself in such a way that you are multitasking so that your employees also work as you.

Let’s wind up:

Well, now you must be feeling a bit easy and relax because now have got a solution to track your employees work as you are starting up. Beginning a venturing can be a bit difficult but don’t let it overboard you. Tracking your employee work will tell you that whether starting up with new business was a good idea or not. And so, to smoothen the process more we have got best employee tracking workability via BusyOn with best of Google-powered team communication application Hangouts Chat.

Thank You for reading 🙂

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