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How to develop a (simple) chatbot for business?

August 27, 2018

Yes, nevertheless how big and lavish business you have or even mediocre… you can have your own kind of chatbot which will spontaneously communicate to your customers.
Well, recently we all enjoyed a bash for our chatbot builder launch… it was a real success to produce a chatbot builder which is synced with the natural language processing unit. Well, I can feel the pinch that how we are getting advanced day by day in building human-like bot framework.

So, what is that Woah thing, which we have produced?
Chatbot Builder! Yes, it is that baby which we have celebrated and feel happy for. This artificial intelligence-driven chatbot helps you build facebook messenger chatbot for your business in just 2 minutes set up.

botmywork bot builder


Botmywork Chatbot Builder helps you by letting you add more functionality to your messenger bot by Creating a Conversational Flow and Natural Language Processing. No Technical Knowledge is needed. From the very beginning, we have created a bot platform which simplifies human work in whatever profession he is busy with. Our esteemed bot is profound in providing team collaboration tool integration, custom chatbot development expert services, best customer support 24×7.


This comes with multiple features:

    • Integration with your facebook page in 5 minutes
    • Ready-made template to create bot conversion flow
    • On-demand training for your chatbot
    • Human takeover chat from chatbot
    • Powerful conversation with natural language processing
    • Exhaustive Documentation with Video Tutorials
    • Continuously track the sentiment of users’ phrases
    • Broadcast messages to all subscribers at once
    • One Click Cloning of Chatbot


What made us work day and night for a human-friendly chatbot?

It is all for your welfare.. for your streamlined workability, we initially came up with Beta version. By witnessing the trend of beta users, we have been able to develop the best product for conversation purpose.

During our beta version, we presented one chatbot to our beta users, as a gift for their time and feedback. Now, Botmywork Chatbot Builder is no longer provided beta, but an all new chatbot platform you can easily use to automate conversational experience with your customers in natural language.


Chatbot building action plan

  1. Signup with Facebook into Botmywork Chatbot Builder: For initiating this bot framework with all the features, it is compulsory that you should log in with Facebook.
  2. Subscribe your facebook page you want to connect with a bot: List of all your Facebook pages will appear, you choose to which page you want this chatbot to work.
  3. Enable facebook Facebook is the platform using which you can enable Natural Language Processing into your bot. This platform helps the bot to understand what exactly the user is trying to query. You can enable/disable it at any point in time.
  4. Enter the facebook API key: You can generate an API key from the platform.
  5. Save your setting: Hit the save button, your basic chatbot is ready.
  6. Conversation flow and facebook template: You can choose to allow usage of facebook templates, you can even make a flow out of it. The user will interact with your bot templates and respond respectively.




The story in a nutshell:

Be it any business, a branded garment shop or simple and small bakery, the chatbot has successfully created the buzz in marketing for extending the machine learning experience in the budget. We at Botmywork develop custom bots which cater to all type of people with their versatile set of occupation and business.


We believe that quality and performance should be working together and that’s why we extend quality driven work and when it comes to extending the bot functionality or creating bots with clients prerequisite, we provide the best solution. So, if you are facing any problem in developing the bot all by yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us 1000 times. Contact our support team right away… Click Here.

Adding to this more, our chatbots are also the best option for maintenance and support. Our custom bot is developed with inbuilt maintenance and support functions which provides complete automation of the bot processes for your organization.

So, what are you waiting for…

Click here to Start your 14-day FREE Trial and get started with your first Chatbot Hurry Now!

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How to develop a (simple) chat…

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