A simple yet logical Chatbot builder for your business

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BotMyWork presents you with a Chatbot Builder for all for your business needs, especially e-commerce platforms

Adding one more feather in our cap, here we present you with the most versatile and linguistics bot builder on this planet. Booom!!! Here comes, Chatbot Builder by BotMyWork.

What is a Chatbot Builder?

Well, it is a Facebook Messenger Marketing Tool that helps you improve your customer’s relationship with your brand or organization as a whole. There is still more inside! Chatbot builder also helps to build Facebook Messenger chatbot within minutes adorned with plenty of growth tools.

Well, if you kind of dizzy, come let’s find out what is Chatbot?

chat bot

Indeed, there are enumerable chatbot builders in the market nowadays and everyone claims to provide full customer service and support. But does it provide with Messenger marketing compatibility or extends its functional ability with Messenger Broadcasts or even handovers chat to a human?

Yes, we promise that we will provide all these elements and even more!

How it would help your business grow?

Just 5 mins and it would transform your business (ok, at least it will work to bring up engagement to your site). Our Chatbot builder is featured with the following:

  • This would help to integrate your Facebook page in just 5 minutes
  • Gather Subscriber info to Target them later on
  • Send Broadcast Messages to your Subscribers
  • Set up Customised Facebook Chat widget on your Website
  • And, human takeover chat from chatbot anytime

This chatbot builder comes with little more when it comes to PROOF!

Yeah, we are launching this new product with full satisfaction from our side and that’s why we believe that it will work the same way at your end too.

  • Chatbot builder by BotMyWork is easiest among all chatbot builder platforms.
  • It also provides Multiple Lead capturing Triggers.
  • This also helps to set responses or even frequently asked questions according to use and client type.
  • As it is free chatbot for a website, it will simply provide a helping hand to the admin to create and train bot according to his/her business type.
  • To provide an edge above all, your chatbot will be FREE forever.


To go deep with explanation:

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder will be a perfect gift for your eCommerce store.

Here, in Chatbot Builder by BotMyWork you as the owner will also:

  • Easily use Rich Elements like “quick replies”, “carousels”, “location queries” and other buttons
  • Perform Customer Segmentation to offer them relevant content
  • Detect Groups of Keywords that your users type and respond accordingly
  • Live Chatbot Testing
  • Improves Customer Service
  • Quick Check Analytics Report

Best Chatbot Builder

Wrapping up:

It is sure that by 2020, chatbots will takeover the human communication style. So, why wait for that moment to run? Chatbot Builder by BotMyWork will definitely provide an open gateway that welcomes suggestions to improve it for better future use.

So, let’s meet up on the other side of our conversation with the real-like human called Chatbot Builder by BotMyWork.

Thank You for staying tuned with us! 🙂

A chatbot builder that is FREE FOREVER?

Yes, you read it right. BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is FREE to use the platform to build a chatbot. Just connect your Facebook page and load up your business with Facebook Marketing.

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