FAQ Automation Chatbots Helps Loosen Your User’s Stress

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Automated FAQ Chatbots

Businesses spend approximately $1.3 trillion to 265 billion each year on customer services. Installing AI Conversational chatbots and automating the customer support facilities through bots will eventually benefit the businesses by cutting down the spending to 30%. FAQ automation Chatbots are the example that though is not very popular yet but is slowly gaining the interest of the marketers.

While we talk of chatbots in customer services automation, we must consider the documented support we provide in forms of FAQs, i.e., Frequently Asked Questions. Automated chatbot for customer services offers access to conversational FAQs to answer customer queries.

Automated FAQ Chatbots are cost-saving solutions for better customer support services. Hence, it gets even more peculiar to have a deeper look into the various ways in which FAQ Automation Chatbots can help your customers and visitors. As per a recent study, 80% of consumer queries are resolved by chatbots without any human supervision.

5 Ways FAQ Automation Chatbots Can Help Your Customers & Visitors

1. Easy Navigation Through Customer Services

FAQs have always been the available textual support for the users. Earlier, with no automated support for FAQs, it was hard to create & manage the FAQs within proper categorization. But now, with the help of chatbots, it is easy to define the stories and workflows of related questions. Also, the user can now ask the question and queries with the bots. Thus, Artificially Intelligent chatbots can navigate the responses frequently with the framed workflow stories that match the posted queries or FAQs. 

2. Better Response Time

It is not that we have too little time to do all the things we need to do, it is that we feel the need to do too many things in the time we have.

– Gary Keller

Average Response Time for each customer in the queue is calculated following the simple rule, i.e.,

Average Response Time Helps In FAQ Automation Chatbots to flourish

While we talk of human agents, it is not always possible to attend multiple customer queries at the same time, with the same frequency. Hence, the customers are put on hold. Sometimes, it is fine. But, usually, it is annoying to wait when you actually need help with your queries.

The benefit of using FAQ Automated Chatbots is the decrease in wait time and an increase in response time. As chatbots share unified screens to all its customers. And hence holds the potential to attend multiple customers at once.

3. Cost-Saving Chatbot With Improved User Experience

85% of all the Customer Support Interactions will be powered by CHATBOTS.

– Gartner

Chatbots eliminate the need for human agents. A.I. Chatbots improves the user experience of your customers because of their instant replies that best suit your customers. Hence eliminating the cost spend on the human agents. 

Also, many chatbot builder tools provide human takeover options either when the user wishes to converse with the human agent rather than a bot or when the bot is incapable to reply(which is a rear event).

4. NLP & Continuous Learning Of The AI Chatbot

AI Chatbots are smart. The chatbots are trained with the help of data workflows and stories. Data workflows are the methodology to reply to the queries with best-suited answers. 

The even smarter approach is to use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to train chatbots. The NLP enabled chatbots can easily conduct sentiment analysis on the receiver’s data and can reply accordingly. Through NLP, the chatbots can discern your communicating customer’s emotions like whether he is happy, sad or confused.

Advanced training to chatbots also helps them to learn things on their own after a certain period of interaction. For example, if you ask your customers to rate their chat experience on a scale of 1-5 and share their feedback in case of poor experiences. Then, in such cases, the bot will analyze the chat on the basis of data received from the feedback cycle and will self-learn the modifications that are to be implemented next.

Hence, human agents are not required to train the chatbot again and again. The initial training provided from the developer’s end is sufficient to make the chatbots capable of self-learning.

5. 24x7x365 Support

Do you have any 24/7 Live Chat Surveillance that is handled by a human agent? Well, possibly not. As humans need breaks and rest. With chatbots, the response time gets better due to no breaks, no rest and 24×7 customer support availability.

Suppose you have a new client using your service, sitting in some other time-zone than yours. Possibly, their working hours will be odd to yours but you have to attend their queries. You can’t afford to lose every customer of yours just because they are from different time-zone. Having a human agent in such a case won’t be helpful either every time. 

But, the proved solutions in such cases have been the chatbot solutions. Chatbots work on server-end that is running day-night. Hence avoiding the surveillance limitations for the customers to connect and raise their queries.

BotMyWork FAQ Automation Chatbots Builder Eases The Efforts

BotMyWork team is constantly putting their efforts to improve their user’s experience with chatbots. The BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is the tool that leverages the efforts that marketers put in setting up a bot for their customers. The automated, visual, and no-coding required tool enables the merchants and marketers to define the workflows using the stories feature and create the chatbot themselves without the need for any external help.

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BotMyWork Chatbot Builder helps you automate your customer queries, provide 24/7 live support, and measure customer satisfaction.

Get FAQ Automation Chatbots Now!

The future of chatbot marketing is more customer-centric. To retain your customers, and improve their onsite-experience, your customer-support services play a vital role. Don’t play safe(no-risk) with your customer support facilities and incorporate the chatbots for your customer-services and FAQs rather than just curating different landing pages and documentation only.

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