Are you done with Facebook Subscription Messaging, yet?

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Facebook Subscription Messaging

Please hurry up if you like to send non-promotional or broadcast messages to your subscribers.

Well, it is nothing to fear but yes the clock is ticking for you. You seriously need to get your subscription before the clock ticks 12 o’clock on December 31st, 2018.

With the chills of the season, Facebook will no longer take charge if you (your chatbot) is unable to take its subscription policy seriously. The amendment will certainly impact the ability of chatbots sending the subscription to the concerned customers. But, don’t get confused with the subscription of a newsletter and this.

Let dig to the news together with a hot cup of coffee…

Table of Content

  1. What is Facebook Subscription Messaging?
  2. How to apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging in 2 ways:
    • Request subscription messaging in Facebook page settings
    • Complete the 3 part application for subscription messaging
  3. Tricks to write Facebook Subscription Messaging Request

What are Facebook Subscription Messages?

As stated by social media giant-Facebook, it has special subscription messaging plan where the merchant/user can create such message according to the rule-laden by Facebook. This includes unlimited updates, promotional and non-promotional messages for all customers from different sections.

how to apply and get approved for chatbots subscription

How to apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging?

Elegantly, there are two simple ways through which chatbots will help you to gain lead generations. So, without wasting any more minute in searching through the Google, let’s pen down down the adequate points it has…

  • Request subscription messaging in Facebook page settings:

From your Facebook page, go to Settings

chat bot subscription

Go to Messenger Platform

facebook messenger's new rules

Followed by Advanced messaging features, request Subscription Messaging

chatbot for lead generation

  • Complete the short 3 part application for subscription messaging process:

a) Choose a category
b) Describe the nature of your bots
c) Support it with a couple of examples

Starting with the first topic:
Here, you will get three types of basic categories like
3.Personal Tracking

Below that, you will have to add additional details related to the category you have chosen.

messenger marketing

For that instance, BotMyWork has chosen “News” from the category.

Well, the other category is too specific to get generally apply. Business bots help customers through relevant updates and industry information. In the details, describe the information and updates services your chatbots provides, like blog updates. In that case, let me remind you that Chatbot Builder powered by Botmywork sends out periodic alerts on important marketing news. To supports this, we present you with an example…

how to apply and get approved for chatbot subscription

You will also notice this, after successful approval of subscription messaging

subscription messaging

Tricks to write Facebook Subscription Messaging Request

Now, you need to be very smart that what you want to really pitch via your request for your dear customers. You cannot take this lightly.

By applying for subscription messaging, you’re agreeing not to send promotional messages under the non-promotional stuff outside of the 24+1 rule. The way that Facebook checks is with machine learning. If you are sending too much promotional stuff you’ll get reviewed.

How long does subscription messaging review take?

Because the subscription request is a manual review process, the amount of time to be approved varies. It can take time from days to even months.

What happens if I don’t apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging?

We know that your brand seriously wants this subscription because you need to send out non-promotional and 24+1 promotional messages too. If you don’t apply or aren’t approve you have the option to send sponsored promotion messages.

How would I know if my chatbot is a “news”, “productivity” or “personal tracking” chatbot?

The Facebook extends documentation especially for developers that describe a different category of chatbots.

  • “News” chatbots incorporate integration whose primary purpose is to inform people about recent events like sports, businesses and more.
  • “Productivity” chatbots use integration for managing personal activities like calendar events and reminders.
  • “Personal Tracking” chatbots are more specifically indulge to “personal trackers” that give updates on an individual’s health, wellness, fitness, and finance.

ultimate guide to messenger marketing and Facebook chatbots

So, when are you start with Subscription that will help your business as well as your personal calendars?

Take care of both with ease!

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