Facebook Messenger Marketing: Future Of Chatbot Marketing

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facebook messenger marketing

Believe it or not but marketing is still being done with the conventional methods. Emails being marked as spam, sale-oriented PPC ads are being ignored, cold calls are hung up in a few seconds. All these tactics you invest money in give you less outcome. However, Facebook Messenger Marketing has the potential to produce much better results than any of these marketing methods.

Facebook Messenger Marketing is a tactic that’s way better than these usual marketing methods and the best thing is that it’s less expensive too.

Facebook Messenger Marketing is a method to provide marketing support via Facebook Messenger. Businesses can use Facebook Messenger to provide shopping facilities, customer support, order tracking, etc. without even letting users open their website.

Though it can be done with other messaging platforms like Whatsapp, iMessage, etc. Facebook Messenger can be most fruitful for your business.

Talking about Facebook Messenger marketing, it’s a way to do conversational marketing to enhance customer experience via conversation on Facebook Messenger. This can be even more powerful when you involve chatbots to back this marketing strategy.

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Let’s dig deep into Facebook Messenger marketing and see what it has got for you.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Right Now?

To be honest, Facebook Messenger Marketing isn’t full-grown yet. But it’ll be the biggest and mainstream marketing channel for businesses in the next 3-4 years. And when I say so, I’ve got the proofs to confirm this.

N3TWORK, a global gaming company ran an ad campaign to boost their app installs. They tested different ad combinations and their Facebook mobile feed ads and Messenger ad combination came up as a winner.

It increased their app install rates by 49%, purchase conversion rate by 37%, and their 7 days return on ads by 57%. (Source)

Facebook Messenger has 1.3 Billion+ monthly active users. These users share 8 billion messages a day and 17 Billion photos a month. I think these numbers are enough to convince any marketer to use this marketing strategy. But the irony is that only 1% of businesses leverage this platform for marketing.

Future Opportunities For Facebook Messenger Marketing

The opportunities for Facebook Messenger marketing is obviously endless. In contrast, it would completely reshape the way customers will shop, book tickets, make appointments, make payments, book cabs, connect with others, etc.

The future scope of chatbots is quite scintillating. If used well on Messenger and Facebook business page, it has the potential to replace websites, eCommerce platforms, payment methods and much more.

Why Should You Use Facebook Messenger Marketing?

The ultimate goal of using Facebook Messenger Marketing is to make your customers satisfied with your service.

Convinced to use Messenger marketing? If not, then these Facebook Messenger marketing stats will do the job. MailChimp in a report found that:

  • Messenger has a 4x higher open rate than emails which has 20% open rate.
  • Facebook Messenger has an 8-12.5x higher click-through rate than email’s 2.4% CTR.
  • Messenger marketing generates 1.6x more revenue.

You can create a Facebook Messenger bot to accomplish this. So implement one to witness a complete revolution in your online Messenger marketing strategy.

Use Of Messenger Marketing For Businesses?

1: Accept Payments

Although Facebook Messenger has already got the payment feature, it isn’t on a mass scale yet. Because a lot of people are familiar with Messenger, it’ll simplify the payment making and receiving a lot once it gets rolled out for everyone.

2: Appointment Bookings

Appointment bookings will be much easier with smart Facebook Messenger bots. It’ll terminate the process of calling, booking an appointment and fasten this process by letting customers click a few buttons to book their meeting.

3: Deliver content

In China, bloggers have already been using WeChat, the most popular messaging app there to deliver content. They’re generating tons of traffic towards their content because of its 1 Billion active monthly users. And because of its wide range of functions, it’s also described as the “app for everything”.

Anyways, Facebook Messenger has many more audiences than WeChat, so you can assume how successful it can be for marketers.

4: Conversion Tracking

Facebook Pixel helps you track conversions you make with Facebook ads. It helps you examine how impactful your ads are and lets you calculate your return on ad spend. Analyzing your data will help you make a more fortified strategy and target perfect audience.

5: Lead Generation

Lead generation is still a thing chatbot does but remember they’re getting smarter and smarter day by day. The more intelligent they become, the more targeted content they’d deliver to the audience who’s willing to absorb it. If this happens, more users will subscribe or give you their data to get regular updates.

6: Take Feedbacks/ Ratings/ Reviews Without Bothering Users

Feedbacks, surveys, reviews are always boring and many of the users avoid it because they don’t get anything in return. This gets super easy with Facebook Messenger bots as they ask users to rate the product/service within a conversation.

Some brands are already using these chatbot tactics to grow their business and because of the less competition, they’re getting enough profit too.

What Benefits It’ll Bring To Your Business?

1: Grow Your Sales

As Facebook Messenger is much easier, user-friendly, personalized, and has a vast audience, amplifying sales would be much more achievable with it.

2: Increase Your Customer Base

Messenger’s user base grows about 100 million every 5-6 months. You’ll get tons and tons of clients to sell your products and increase your brand awareness.

3: Boost In Revenue

Facebook Messenger assists you to hike up your revenue in all ways possible. By Facebook ads to personal product promotion in Messenger chat, you have all the opportunities to encash to make killing amount of money.

4: Build Credibility

The one to one connection and the ability users get to select products as per their interests and needs boosts your brand credibility.

5: Automate Your Business Activities

Chatbots means automation. If you integrate one into your business, you’ll be taking off the burden from your employees of answering repetitive customer queries again n again. Not only this, but Facebook Messenger bot also automates your lead generation process and drives a user to the funnel smoothly.

Best Time To Use Messenger Marketing

Although Facebook Messenger marketing and chatbots are still at the growing phase, you should still try to leverage it from now to get the benefits of it. Why so? Well, according to a report from Business Insider, 80 percent of the businesses will be using Chatbots by 2020.

This means there’ll be a huge crowd of Messenger marketers out there and competition would be on the stratosphere. Hence, you’ll have to go into overdrive to beat that competition and that wouldn’t be easy. So if you start utilizing this growth-boosting marketing channel from now, you’ll be on the driving seat in the upcoming years.

Let’s Sum Up The Things

Facebook Messenger marketing strategy, if executed well has the potential to give your chat marketing campaign a great ascent hence boost your growth. And which marketer won’t embrace increased revenue, open rate, click-through rate with lower cost-per-lead, CPC, etc.

Using Facebook Messenger chatbots can provide you all these benefits. So get out of those 99% marketers list who aren’t using Messenger bots and leverage one to get a head start now.

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