Facebook Subscription Messaging Extends Permission Deadline

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Facebook Subscription Messaging

When it’s about delivering personalized and secure customer experience, Facebook keeps on reviewing its core algorithm. The Page-Level Subscription Messaging Feature is also crafted in order to enhance customer relationship with businesses and developers.

On December 4, Facebook has announced that they are shifting subscription messaging from App-Level to Page-Level in an attempt to provide a more personalized experience to its Facebook audience.

But, as this update went unnoticed or to say untouched by many of the Facebook marketers, Facebook decided to extend the deadline of subscription messaging till July 31, 2019.  

Facebook encouraged businesses and developers to migrate their App-Level permission to Page-Level Permission as they have added potential updates to this policy. For illustrating their announcement, Facebook has taken the following words in account-


So, have you migrated your message subscription to Page-Level or still wondering what it is and how to do it? If it is so, then join me in this venture to get all the answers to the questions that might be popped up in your mind.

Subscription Messaging Journey!

  • What is Facebook Subscription Messaging (BETA)?
  • App-level Message Subscription To Page-level Message Subscription
  • How Can You Request For Subscription Messaging Permission?
  • How To Get Approved For Message Subscription?
  • Points To Remember While Sending Your Facebook Subscription Message
  • What If Your Page Already Breathes The Subscription Feature?

What Is Facebook Subscription Messaging (BETA)?

Subscription messages are non-promotional messages that are permitted for particular use cases and grants businesses and developers to send regular content to their visitors, lead, and customers to build a potent relationship through the 24-hour standard messaging window, Facebook Messenger.   

If a user wants to unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving subscription messages from any page he can do that any moment without annoyance.  

Facebook Subscription Messaging has given wings to businesses and developers by offering the ability to send content on a recurring basis.

There are many more benefits that a business acquires via using Facebook Subscription Messaging.

  1. Businesses hold an opportunity to connect and communicate with 2.38 billion active users worldwide.
  2. Can form a personalized and versatile relationship with customers by sending valuable content on a recurring basis.
  3. With Facebook Messenger, you can build interactive plus mobile-friendly marketing communication.   

Using Facebook Subscription messages, Businesses and Developers can send Promotional and non-promotional content based on 24+1 rule to their target audience using the Facebook chat platform, Messenger.

With this update, Facebook limits the number of broadcast messages with promotional content along with that you will only be able to send subscription messages to those who have interacted with you within the last 24 hours.

App-level Message Subscription To Page-level Message Subscription


Social media is well known for it’s messaging apps and the apps that are well-known in this field are- Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat and Viber.

These messaging apps have influenced the method of communication marketing at an extensive level. And helping marketers in all possible aspects.

Facebook knows this reality and that’s why they are continuously reviewing their Facebook Messaging algorithms to help marketers in offering well-defined content to their audience on a periodic basis.

And that’s why Facebook has migrated their App-Level Message Subscription to Page-Level Message Subscription.


They are implementing this hierarchy in order to provide a personalized environment for both business owners and Facebook audiences.

But, most importantly Facebook is taking this tactic in account in order to review and approve a business before they could be able to send subscription messages.

Along with this, Facebook has also mentioned the basic requirements that marketers need to ensure if they wish to leverage Point-Level Subscription.


A Page must apply for and be approved to send subscription messages. Once the Page is approved, any app subscribed to the Page may send subscription messages on the Page’s behalf using the Send API’s NON_PROMOTIONAL_SUBSCRIPTION message tag. All subscription messages must abide by the Messenger Platform’s subscription messaging policy.

Source- Facebook

To interact and send content in a relevant frequency directly to visitors, lead, or customers for free, businesses and the responsible person need to have a Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

A marketing automation tool for messaging that will help in sending, tracking, and managing messages in the most fitting style.

But, Do You Know?

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is already in-built with the functionalities and operating on the Page-Level Subscription Message criteria of Facebook.

This is simply one of the marketing automation tools that offer businesses to provide personalized user-experience to their target audience.

With this tool, it’s easy to send bot messages, target your audience on various aspects like first name, last name, time zone, tags and many more!

In short, you will be able to target your audience based on default as well as customize properties.

If you have BotMyWork Chatbot Builder account then you don’t need to send any application. You only need to provide an unforgettable relationship with your customers and be a part of their memories.

Using BotMyWork Chatbot Builder you can send both promotional and non-promotional content from Facebook Page to your subscribers on a regular basis.

If you don’t have this marketing automation tool for managing and organizing your customer’s chat, then you have to perform all the task manually for Subscription Messages.

How Can You Request For Subscription Messaging Permission?

To request for Facebook Subscription Messaging Page admin only need to follow a few easy to implement steps-

  1. Go to Page Settings > Messenger Platform
  2. Under the ‘Subscription Messaging’ in the ‘Advanced Messaging Settings’ section, click the ‘Request’ button in the Subscription Messaging box.

The page admin needs to answer the following questions in the application form-

  1. To select which of the three eligible subscription messaging use cases applies to your Facebook Messaging Page.
  2. To write a brief description of how your bot will access your subscription messaging.
  3. Need to write sample examples of subscription messages that your Facebook Page will send to your subscribers.
  4. A confirmation that you won’t use your Page to send any extra promotional message to your users and will abide by all Facebook Platform policies and community standards.

The process takes only a few seconds to finish. But, pay special attention to your message subscription message application if you don’t want to get rejected by the Facebook Community.

Pick the category that best describes the content you produce for your business. A brief example which describes how you’ll be using Facebook Page for sharing your content.

In your application form even by mistake don’t use any promotional word, if you don’t desire to get rejected by Facebook.

In your description write about the category you select for your subscription messages. Keep in mind you will be using Facebook Subscription Messages mostly for non-promotional content.

So, your description and example should revolve around knowledgeable content and don’t even try to touch the marketing voice in your application.

How To Get Your Message Subscription Approved?

Here are some tips that can help you in getting approved from Facebook-

  • Select the category that best describes the subscription messages you would be sending your audience.
  • In your sample examples and description don’t use promotional voice. Instead of that try to show the variations, you’ll bring to your non-promotional content. Facebook is taking this measure step, in order to provide valuable and meaningful content to its audience.
  • Based on the 24+1 rule of Facebook, you would be able to send one promotional content but, the more you’ll be sending is non-promotional. So, it’s advisable to avoid the sales pitch in your application form.
  • Take your time for writing your sample examples of subscription message. As this example will help Facebook in determining the content you will share in your messages.
  • The process of reviewing your application form is manual. So, it would be wrong to assume that Facebook will immediately answer your request. The reviewing process can take time from one week to one month. During this time interval, you don’t have other options, you have to wait for your turn.
  • There is no limit in the number of times you can apply for Subscription Messaging. If you fail in your first attempt, don’t worry you have another chance to get approved from Facebook.
  • Facebook Subscription is at Page-Level, therefore, you have to apply for each and every Facebook page you are holding.

Points To Remember While Sending Your Facebook Subscription Message

1. Follow The 24+1 Rule Of Facebook

By requesting for Facebook Page-Level Subscription Messages you are accepting the non-promotional content policy of Facebook. Therefore, you’ve to follow the 24+1 rule fixed by Facebook.

24+1 Rule

In the first 24 hours after getting approved from Facebook for Subscription Messages, users can send unlimited updates, promotional and non-promotional messages.

But, after 24 hours, users will be restricted to send only one promotional content. That is, they can send unlimited non-promotional, updates, and one promotional follow-up. This is termed as  24+1 Rule and what Facebook calls “standard messaging.”

If you think, you would be able to send more than one marketing stuff to your audience even after the set policies of Facebook.

Then let me confirm with you, Facebook uses its audience data to provide a more personalized online experience.

Facebook had said they will be using machine learning algorithms to trace whether marketers are extending their promotional message limit or not.

If Facebook finds you’re violating 24+1 rule then they won’t take time to cancel your message subscription request.

2. Application Review Time

The review process is manual. So, it can take time from a week to a month. In short, the review process of the message subscription request varies. And there is no surety that even after that process your subscription application gets approved from Facebook.

If you haven’t applied, don’t waste your time in thinking too much. Send your application form as soon as possible.

3. Apply If You Don’t Want To Pay!

If you voted to request for Facebook Subscription Message then you can send non-promotional and promotional messages for free based on the 24+1 rule of Facebook.


If you won’t request or your request ain’t approved from Facebook, you still have the authority to send content to your audience.

But, in this situation, you have to pay for every other promotional message you send to your lead, visitor or customers. So, it’s better to ask for Subscription Messaging Permissions.

4. Request For Each Facebook Page

As Facebook is migrating from App-Level Subscription to Page-Level Subscription to provide a hierarchy in the method of communication take place between businesses and users.

Therefore, you also have to request for each Facebook Page within the time defined by the Facebook Community.

To apply for each page: Go to each page’s setting to send your application for Page-Level Subscription.

What If Your Page Already Breathes The Subscription Feature?

Facebook offers two methods to check whether you’re breathing subscription feature or not!

Messaging Feature Review API: This API grants businesses to programmatically check the status of Page-Level feature review submissions, including subscription messaging. This functionality is useful for developers that require to check and track the status of Multiple Facebook Pages.

Page Settings: Page admins can check whether their Page’s have been granted with Facebook permission to send subscription messages to their audience in the ‘Messenger Platform’ tab of Page Settings in the ‘Advanced Messaging Settings’ section.

Check The What’s And How’s Of Facebook Subscription Message!

Facebook is bringing change in the design industries, use to interact with their customers by offering Page-Level Subscription.

After the date specified by Facebook all the industries, that aren’t leveraging Page-Level Subscription won’t be entertained by the Facebook community.

By requesting for Facebook Subscription Message you can send non-promotional and promotional content as per the 24+1 rule on a regular basis without paying a single dollar!

So, don’t wait for your turn, request your approval as early as possible to take all the benefits of Facebook Subscription Message update.

In this blog post, I have listed all the what’s and how’s of Facebook Subscription Message. But still, if you think you need to discuss this, then don’t hesitate to comment!

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