How To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page For Lead Generation

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facebook business page optimization for lead generation

Who doesn’t wish to grow the popularity of their Facebook business page and increase their leads?

With extended facilities & trust of customers on social media, many business holders have created business profiles and pages on Facebook. But, very few know the difference between the business profile and business page.

It is advisable to create one private profile. And multiple business pages can associate with the profile. For a business profile, you need to handle it the same way as you may handle your own personal profile page.

Adding friends to the profile is the biggest concern. As your customers may not be interested in adding a company or a brand to their friend list. Hence, if you choose to use the Facebook Business Page, it will be convenient to manage. As with the Facebook business page, your customers only have to like your page to get recent updates.

Your facebook business page holds many details in regards to your business, brands, products, etc. And hence, it gets important to keep the page synchronized & structured with each detail succumbed inflow.

In this blog further, we’ll be discussing on some crucial points that you must follow to have an optimized facebook business page.

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6 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

The purpose of creating a business page is to generate leads from social and Facebook Ads. Facebook page optimization has no defined process or steps to go along with. Rather, there are some tips and tricks for Facebook business pages. These are tested and followed by many top-feeders having business pages on facebook.

Let’s get started!

1. Your Facebook Business Page Should Be Complete

Your facebook page is your opportunity to make or break deals. It is up to you, what information you’ll be sharing with your Facebook followers.

  • Business details and contact information

    On your facebook page, along with the name & purpose of your company, you can also mention the details. Like the active working hours, customer support, chat availability, your contact information, etc.

  • Location pages should be updated

    Facebook helps you in sharing locations of your brick & mortar with your customers. Yes! You can add the location page to your Facebook business page. And feed on the location page with details like building address, contact, website URL, etc.

    If you have many store outlet locations, then, you can create the main location page. And add many sub-location pages to your parent page. You can grab the benefits of digital marketing from implementing the location pages. As with the best use of keywords while filling in the location details. Also, ratings and reviews of your company are also visible to your Facebook Fans & followers.

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  • Creating customized usernames

    While you create a page on Facebook, the URL to your page is pretty long. And also, involves a ton of alphanumeric characters. This makes it pretty forgettable for the visitors and followers. Hence, creating a customized username will give you the benefit of remembrance.

    For example, remembering “” is pretty difficult than remembering “” .

    Although the URL mentioned latter is the static username. You can customize your own username following few guidelines, i.e., 
    • Think of username that relates to your business within 50 characters. 
    • Your username should be at least 5 characters long.
    • Separate words using periods or capitalizing the letters
    • Only the admin may create the pseudo username.

  • Adding relevant CTAs

    Generating active leads from your business page is the ultimate goal. But, an extra bonus opportunity also lingers in your way to convert the leads generated. Hence, place CTAs on your page very smartly to allow your leads to click and convert instantly. CTAs can be of various types like
    • Join community
    • Place your Order
    • Bid Now

It completely depends on your business type and what all you want to convey to your audience instantly.

2. Maintain Your Content’s Authenticity and Authority

“Content is King… “ Yes! Your content is the basic source to fetch your authenticity, authority, and engagement – all at the same time. Facebook monitors each piece of content curated and shared on its platform. Facebook recognizes the value of fresh content. It promotes the profiles and pages that generate fresh content.

Thus, by creating original content, you are creating the authenticity of your page. And, Facebook builds your page authority by promoting your content sharing activities.

3. Instant & Regular Follow-ups

Regular sharing of posts, replying to comments, seeking follow-ups & reviews from the customers. All these activities are the epitome of creating interaction with your targeted leads. Also, instant replies on a regular basis make your customer feel more in-person with you. And, hence, it also increases the trust level between you and your followers.

4. Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Facebook lead ads are a great way to encourage people to contact your business and to request information or services from you with minimal effort.”

Generating leads through Facebook Ads is a great way to target mobile users as Lead Ads are mobile-friendly as well as user-friendly.

Device usage of facebook users worldwide as of january 2019

As per the stats, 96% of Facebook users use mobile devices to browse. Hence, catering them with Lead Ads on their devices will be a great effort from your side. Also, you can configure the complete Ads process on the Facebook platform itself. It can be done using the Facebook Ads Manager.

Also, Facebook is also rolling out Lead generation in messenger templates. This you can synchronize with your CRM and divert all the leads generated through ads to your CRM.

The benefit of using this template will be that you’ll won’t require to switch between apps and platforms. You can connect with your leads on Messenger itself.

5. Offering deals and subscription discounts

So far, we’ve discussed how Facebook is capable of affording all your interactions. And managing Lead Ads to keep your customers/followers engaged. The benefits of using Facebook Business Page expand to creating the buzz. And awareness among followers, in regards, to your special offers, discounts, etc. 

Many follow your page to keep themselves updated on recent offers and deals. So, to get more followers and page fans, you need to increase your social presence first. And launch your exclusive deals on social media like an early-bird contest.

6. Using Facebook Messenger

Implementing Facebook Messenger on your business page is another way to connect with your audience on chat. 

  • Private And Personalized Chats

    Enabling Messenger on your business page will enable your followers to come forward. And initiate a private chat for their queries & doubts. Successful business chat on Messenger completely depends on your rate of responsiveness. Your delay time will drown your user expectations of seeking information quickly.
  • Use Facebook Messenger Bot

    To ensure instant response time, you must implement a chatbot on your business page. You can easily configure the bot as per your usage through BotMyWork Chatbot Builder. Implementing Bot will not only maintain your response time. But, it can also convert your lead through conversation by processing the deal on the chat itself. 

    Having a bot will help you in –
    • Fetching information from the person on chat
    • Scheduling meetings and appointments
    • Faster processing of deals
    • Human takeover at any moment

…and more!
Implementing Messenger bot using BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is easy. As it is free and the process is executed within minutes.

Facebook Business Page Will Fetch You Leads

Reading through, you must have observed. Optimizing Facebook business page holds no different aspect to increase lead generation. The tips above will help you optimize your page. Once your page optimized in all aspects, your lead count will increase automatically.

An optimization process is not limited to these 6 ways only. I’m sure there will be more cheat lists that you yourself follow. Let’s get together and discuss more possible aspects can benefit us in combined ways.

Stay Tuned for more healthy learning!

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