Are you planning for some official fun? Use Slack for managing Events and enjoy better!

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slack for managing events

Communication plays a vital part in keeping everybody on the same page. Keep it all new and fresh even when you are discussing your official planned events, work anniversaries or even the foundation day at large. Do you think you need to automate this tiring process? Pick Slack for managing events and enjoy better!

Reuters claims that Slack supports more than 10 million daily active users. This share has increased in the past 5 years with 50% of potential customers.

Setting up its foot in 2013, Slack has become an evolving platform for holding business communication without any loop-holes. It features range from assigning tasks and enlisting it to the concerned employee to keep a tap on the time duration of the task completed. Not only that, but it also facilitates holding surveys, to-do lists and polls (even anonymous) for the betterment of the employees to understand their criteria and issues while working.

How Helpful is Slack For Managing Events?

Manually, Slack is competent enough to handle events for a small team. But once the time sizes cross 50, managing things might become tedious and complicated. How about automating social event planning for your dear employees to make this task easier for larger groups?

It is a great idea because it facilitates you with private channels to house both external communication and internal communications for better information flow. Even better, you can achieve it with the fastest growing tool that is based upon Slack for events.

Adding to this more, you can even keep the events along with hard schedules of working among both the local employees and even on-site or remote company people.

Let’s Understand How Can You Manage Your Events Through Slack

If you are planning to manage your events with just a flick, then you need this ultimate solution as a complete thing for your team and then let the process and information by the concerned people get things done. EventOnBot+ is the best with this:

1. Planning for upcoming events

Be it your birthday or even your employee’s Birthday, Anniversary or other special events, you can make them for yourself or for your employees to be happy even on the professional front. EventOnBot+ which is one of the fastest growing Slack tools for managing events allows a positive stream of communication. This way all your employees would know about the good day.

2. Gathering data for making decision

EventOnBot+ will help you to compile reports and tasks by simply creating to-do lists to ease out the workflow. This will help you to review the shared data. On the other hand, your employees will manage their tasks according to the events aligned. If you choose Slack for managing events, you can export this data from the channel and send event invites to the rest of the people using Slack.

3. Syncing with Google Calendar

Via proper usage of Slack for managing events, you can sync all your data related to the special events to the Google Calendar. Through that channel, you can create a Google calendar event from Slack and let the word out for your employees so that the full-house can enjoy the special day.

4. Attendee engagement

Being the event planner, you surely want to handle your guest list with clear automation and without any failure. Well, your wish has just turned true with this tool. You can share the event info and keep a check on who is interested in the event. Further, this will help to handle your executive guest lists or RSVP and other invites in detail.

slack for managing events

5. Communicate with company lines

This will provide a private channel with both internal communication and external communication giving weightage. Being the complete set for parent base as Slack for managing events, you can also check upon –

  • Creating polls for getting diverse opinions
  • Setup polls as anonymous
  • Adding comments to the poll reply
  • Complete analytics summary of the event

How to get started with EventOnBot+?

Before we proceed with benefits, let’s count upon the features it confers:

  • Create Birthdays, Anniversaries & other Custom Events with multiple Settings to customize
  • Get Real-time Notifications
  • Handle RSVP and invites
  • Integrate with Google Calendar
  • Advanced Dashboard for All Users
  • Priority Support for All
  • Multiple Settings to customize Polls and Events
  • Create and Respond to Polls
  • Create and Remove Todo-lists

In a Nutshell

If you are seriously seeking a professional communication platform for your business or want to gift your HR team with some digital integration then EventOnBot+ is the ideal solution for you. It is a complete Slack-based tool for managing events that will assist in handling polls, to-do lists and checklists without any doubts or failures.

With the competition and scarcity of time, one can easily use this effective Slack integration for managing events in real time.


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