Celebrating India Rank #22 at Deloitte Technology Fast 50

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We truly believe by the words expressed by Chris Grosser… and that’s why we have adorned it on the top.

Well, that it has ticked a long time,  yet it seems that it has commenced recently. Nevertheless, we want to share our heartfelt gratitude to be on outside always and cheer up in our continuous growth which we have made in the #botworld.

The evening of October 26 was not the regular one. It had anxiety, bliss, joy, and contentment which has today handed us with something really special and Pentagon in nature.

Yes, it is a really sheer which found us at most profound Deloitte Technology Fast 50 with 22nd position (about 2,014.6 km to Bangalore). Well, this was for acknowledging our work and contribution to the bot society.

Well, the scenario was much the same as a student who is awaiting his/her results after the examination. But everything got changed when the emcee called out ‘CEDCOSS’, the parent company of BotMyWork. Yes, we were happy and that’s where we belong-one of the 50 fastest growing technology in India.

Yes, that was our cheers…

We are feeling extremely happy to share this news with you…

fast 50 India program

And the rank which we have got honored with is #22 (which is pretty much awesome and is among top 25) in the 50 big and small business that were recognized in an award ceremony organized by Deloitte India.

What is Deloitte Fast 50 India Program?

It was 14th time in India when Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program ranks fast-growing technology awarded us with the honor. This delight was great for us as we had worked for it continuously. And when our labor and caliber is well spent off then it becomes like being on cloud nine.

This was 3rd in the row for us and 14th year in India when Deloitte announced the winner’s name of the fastest growing business in India. India Technology Fast 50 program is one of seven programs in the Asia Pacific (APAC), along with the Technology Fast 50 programs in China, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Now in its 14th year in India, the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program ranks fast-growing technology companies, public or private, based on percentage revenue growth over three years.

The awards were distributed in a ceremony held in Bangalore on October 26, 2018, which was dominated by the companies working in

  • E-commerce ecosystem 
  • E-Commerce Multi-Vendor/Market Place Platform
  • Digital Marketing Automation/Optimisation
  • Mobile Solutions
  • AI/Bots arena and many other fields as well.

You can check our whole achievement here| Technology Fast 50 India 2018 winners report

We stand as triple winners… Want to know how?

There was a set of criteria on which the whole Deloitte fast 50 programs are established. The nomination criteria stand here with these amicable points. (We have successfully passed all the criteria declared by Deloitte Fast 50)

  • Owns proprietary intellectual property or proprietary technology, sold to customers in products that contribute to the majority of the company’s operating revenues
  • Manufactures a technology-related product.
  • Devotes a significant proportion of operating revenues to research and development of technology.
  • Is technology intensive, or uses a unique technology to solve problems.

We work together, we stand together….

deloitte India

CedCoss is genuinely proud to hold the best employee group which has helped it to grow to what it is today…
The accomplishment of our organization is the result of combined efforts. To put across by everybody over the years and thereby today it is well dignified to share its piece of the throne with its sub-corporations

digital transformation

Final words before achieving the laurels again…

india fast 50 winners

We are truly thankful to our benevolent investors, partners, suppliers, SEMs and dear customers for their support and trust. This has greatly rungs up with an accomplished amazing feat for 3 years, continuously in a row.

This award is a step forward in realizing our vision to digitize every aspect of e-commerce. We will continue to transform the unorganized manual efforts. And develop a solution which will simplify the digital era which is going to knock our door.

Thank You all for your kind wishes. It is completely a mesmerizing treat which you have given us. Be with us always so that we could always make your online journey a smooth and easy process.

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