Complete Guide For Creating A Multilingual Chatbot

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Multi-language Chatbot
Meghan- Hey! Potete fornire un elenco di prodotti con cui avete a che fare?
Bot- I am not getting what you’re looking for? 
Meghan- Fornisci un elenco di prodotti che vendi.
Bot- Sorry but, I am unable to understand your language.
Meghan- Please, provide a list of products you sell.
Bot- Just give me 2 minutes. I am sending you the list.
Meghan- okay. 

Meghan, an online user has asked the bot to provide the list of products in her native language. The bot had tried his best to provide accurate responses in the least time. But unfortunately, it failed to offer an exceptional user experience as it wasn’t a multilingual chatbot. 

The converse between Meghan and bot is a perfect example to show users’ first preference is always their native language over any other. The companies that are leveraging a multilingual bot are competent enough to give memorable customer support to their users. So, … 

What Are Multilingual Chatbots?

A multilingual chatbot provides multiple language support to users’ during a live chat. Multi-lingual live chat support is a necessity for all online stores whose business is spread worldwide. A multilingual bot provides effective solutions in the language selected by the chat initiator.

To fulfill this requirement of web users, businesses can either create a separate chatbot for each preferred language or use Google translator. But, except for these two solutions, there is one more effective solution to solve this problem. That is, online stores can integrate a chatbot that provides multiple language support without any translator.

Creating a whole new chatbot for each native language isn’t feasible nor pocket-friendly. A single chatbot that can operate effectively in all the languages is what online businesses need! If you’re in a dilemma and can’t decide on whether you should use a multi-language chatbot for your business then, continue reading our next section. But, if you’re confident and know that you need a Facebook Messenger bot that can reply in your target audience’s native language then read on the steps to build a multilingual chatbot.

Why Multilingual Bots?

This world is a package of emotions and values. People transfer their traditional and cultural values to the next generation. In this emotional world, what you think which language people prefer the most for their communication? Let me give you an example.

India is a country that consists of people of different religions. Here you can find people speaking Marathi, Rajasthani, Bengali, Gujrati, English, and specially Hinglish. Although English has become the second most preferred language for exchanging thoughts through words. But still, people all around the world prefer to communicate in their mother tongue. 

Haptik has recognized this requirement of users and thus developed a chatbot that can provide effective solutions in all Indian languages including Hinglish. It even provides the switching functionality from one language to another with a single click. Haptik has identified the emerging need for a multilingual chatbot and thus, it helped them to grow better.

Overall conclusion, users prefer their first language, if you want to make your business grow, you need a multi-language chatbot. With this, you’ve got the idea of why there is a need to invest in multilingual bots so now, we can proceed to the benefits of a polyglot bot. 

Benefits Of Having A Multi-Language Bot

Do you remember the converse that took place between Meghan and bot? If not, then read it again as it can help us in identifying the benefits of having a polyglot bot. 

In the conversation, Meghan has used her first language that is Italian. The bot was trying it’s best to provide accurate results but, as it wasn’t trained with languages other than English so, it failed! If a bot has been used for the interaction, we expect it to provide a personalized customer experience. 

A bot that doesn’t support multiple languages restricts your business boundaries. You can’t increase your products/services reach, gain happy customers, and lastly, you’ll be getting revenue that isn’t enough to fill your pocket. 

All online stores who sell their products/services to a large customer base across the globe need to integrate a multi-lingual bot as it empowers you with benefits like-

  • Increases Geographical Boundary Reach
  • Provides Personalized Customer Experience 
  • Enhances Customer Base
  • Improves Business ROI
  • Provides Solution In Users’ Native Language

Online shoppers want to purchase from stores that allow them to communicate in their first language. If you aren’t leveraging the power of multi-language chatbots then, you are missing out on a great opportunity to convert for your business. As you’ve gone through the need, and benefits of multilingual bots now it’s time to know how to make a multilingual chatbot? So, let’s check out the steps to develop a multilingual chatbot through BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

Steps To Build Multilingual Bot Using Chatbot Builder

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder provides chatbot to automate conversational support given by customer support members to visitors during a live chat on Facebook Messenger. By using the listed steps, businesses can easily create a multilingual bot for Facebook Messenger. In case, you don’t know much about BotMyWork Chatbot Builder you can refer the post steps to create Messenger Bot with no-coding.

To get a multi-lingual Facebook Messenger bot, you first need to create your BotMyWork Chatbot Builder account integrated with your Facebook Business Page. You can refer to the same blog to know the steps to create the BotMyWork Chatbot Builder account. For any confusion or doubt, you can leave your query in Facebook Community. So, now let’s start the journey to discover the steps to build a multi-language chatbot.

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1. Use Stories To Create Bot Conversational Flow In Preferred Language

  • Login in to your BotMyWork Chatbot Builder Account
  • From the sidebar click on “Stories”
  • Insert the content in your desired language keeping its’ natural conversational flow

You can insert your content using the native elements (text, list, image, quick reply, gallery, email, location, phone) and cards created in the Main and Welcome section. While creating your bot story leverage CTA buttons to make your bot more responsive. You can change your button text and add up to three buttons using block, URL, and phone to make it more user-friendly.

You can decide the action, you want your user should take on the click of the button. For instance, on the click of the “Home Page” button, you can send them a block, phone number, or URL. It totally depends on your choice and requirements. 

2. Use Knowledge Base To Reply The Most Frequently Asked Questions In First Language

  • Click on “Knowledgebase” from the left sidebar
  • Click on “Add New Group” to create a whole new block section
  • Insert the most FAQs of your users’ in “If User Says…” section present in the left side of the block
  • Now add the most relevant answers to those questions in “Bot Replies Randomly With” section present in the right side of the block
  • You can also insert the blocks created in the “Stories” Section by clicking on “New Block”
  • Click on “Add Text Reply” to create a list of choices. [only up to five text replies can be added]
Train-Your-Multilingual-Bot-with-The Most-FAQs

3. Provide Options To Choose The Preferred Language

As you’ve created your bot conversational story in your desired language. So, now you’re capable enough to provide your users’ the opportunity to select their desired language. For this, you need to create buttons.

  • Click on “Stories” from the left sidebar
  • Now in your first message ask your visitors’ to select their preferred language
    • Add your content and CTA buttons 
    • In your CTA buttons add your blocks created in that particular language to continue the live chat. Along with blocks, you can even insert a URL and phone number. [specify the size of your message that will appear on Messenger using Tall, Compact, and Full] 
    • Your CTA buttons to provide conversational options in different languages is all set to increase your boundary reach.

4. Set Default Replies

For the prevention of situations like bot failure or if users want to switch the language they’re currently using, you need to set default replies. These default replies will save you from all the unwanted situations that can prevent you to provide exceptional customer support.

  • Click on “Stories” from the left sidebar
  • Now click on “Default” from the Built-In options
  • Set your default replies in a similar way you created your conversational flow in Welcome and Main Section
  • Test your default replies

5. Test Your Bot On Messenger

Now it’s time to check your bot flexibility. Test your bot in Messenger and remove bug if generated to maintain your bot efficiency. Your bot testing and default replies will help you maintain your business conversion rates.

  • Click on “Test on Messenger” present at the top-right corner of the dashboard
  • Enter your credentials and continue
  • Check your bot flexibility
  • Remove bugs if generated
  • Sit back and relax. Your bot is all set to go live. 

Facebook Messenger marketing is what you really can’t ignore! Been one of the social media platforms, its demands and popularity among online shoppers automatically increases. Users want to deal with businesses that provide product-related solutions on Facebook Messenger. As it enables them to acquire answers within seconds without filling lengthy forms or preparing email content. 

Users can even question back and ask innumerable questions to gain complete information about the product they’re planning to purchase without paying. BotMyWork Chatbot Builder has identified this need for online users’. And thus, we’ve prepared our Messenger bot that can be easily integrated with any Facebook Business Page. 

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder can be operated in multiple languages. I have mentioned the steps to build a multi-language chatbot through our bot. So,… 

Don’t Make Your Language A Barrier To Your Success!

There was a  time when people are restricted to market and sell their products/services in a specific zone. But time has changed! Multi-Language Chatbots are available in the market to expand business boundaries. You don’t have to make yourself restricted to your mother tongue or English. With the implementation of a multilingual bot, you can leverage other languages as well.

Your chatbot built on BotMyWork Chatbot Builder runs on Facebook Messenger to provide conversational surroundings and reduce support work. If you belong to the group that wants a Facebook Messenger bot that is inbuilt with multi-lingual functionalities then you can contact us at support or schedule a meeting with our expert.

At last, I want to say, don’t make your language your limit as it won’t make you grow!

Do you want to build your own conversational bot for Messenger? Get Started with BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

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