Chatbots vs Live Chats: Which one to pick for business?

Deboshree Mazumdar Updated on: December 7, 2018 Leave a Comment
Chatbots and Live Chats

When technology is taking over the major chunk of our daily scenario… it is exactly what you can expect to see in the coming days! 

Well after a recent study, Oracle confirms 80% of businesses which are using or planning to have Chatbots by 2020. So, you can pretty well understand the need and change in the working style in the coming 2 years. And yes, maybe the reason can be to improve and increase their customer engagement.

Keeping with the current scenario, the business climate is changing at a very fast pace which will increase the use of online chat features to assist the client in the search process.
But contrary to this, many companies still keep their roots very native by using live chat functionality via salarying the customer care team.

Well, I’m not saying that this phenomenon has gone gray… but in this article, I will keep you intact that will showcase the diversity extended by chatbots in the days to come.

What we will discuss here…

You must be knowing and understanding the concept of live chats and chatbots from quite some time now and especially when there has been an on-setting of AI (artificial intelligence) in the public domain.

So before you switch to the new technology, let’s discuss the difference…

The chatbot or technically calling- virtual assistant, use the FAQ to answer questions. Customers can ask limited questions to the chatbot, which will then search for the answer or are based upon research which the organization conducts.

The question you ask the bot must involve specific keywords for it to understand. Contrary to this, live chat is an online customer service software with live support (real human sitting and answering the questions). Enumerable companies use this as a single point of contact to manage all their customer service & related online sales activities.

So, now you can understand with the crunch in time and loads of work in hand, the human business will get changed in the days to come.

Well, sharing an instance that will let you know how chatbots will intrude in the days to come…

machine learning chatbots

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Keeping bay with the story discussed above, don’t you want to keep tap with the difference they share…

Chatbots and Live Chat

Now, that you know the real difference between Live chats and Chatbots. You can very well understand the need for the type for your business.

AI Chatbots


Take Away

Chatbots are popping up like dandelions, and companies are rolling them out to save money and (in theory) add customer convenience. In 2018, overall consumer reaction to chatbots is positive, but still somewhat wary (as we have discussed above). This is probably wise, as chatbots will only get better as the artificial intelligence underpinnings improve, and businesses learn lessons (sometimes the hard way) about how best to utilize this new technology.

Keeping the steam up, we have got a solution for you which would definitely improve your customer relationship with the power of artificial intelligence. It will assist you to build Chatbot for your Facebook page in just 5 minutes (yeah, you can really count upon) with the help of Natural Language Processing.

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