Chatbot vs Live Chat: What To Pick For Business?

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Chatbots and Live Chats

Chatbots vs Live Chats. What would be more beneficial for my business?

It’s being asked for a long long time and still unanswered. Though there cannot be a perfect answer for this because of the different needs of every business, we still can reach an optimal solution. A solution that can help you meet your business goals and work with almost every kind of industry.

So let’s find out who’s winning the battle in this cult rivalry between Chatbots and Live chat. But first, let’s clear the difference between chatbots and live chat in a few sentences…


The chatbot or technically calling- virtual assistant, is an automated program built to interact with humans via a chat interface.

Live Chat

Live Chat is an online customer service system with live support of real humans sitting and answering the user’s queries.

Keeping with the current scenario, the business climate is changing at a very fast pace which will increase the use of online chat features to assist the client in the search process.

But contrary to this, many companies still keep their roots very native by using live chat functionality via salarying the customer care team.

Well, I’m not saying that this phenomenon has gone gray… but in this article, I’ll uncover every perk as well as loopholes of both technologies.

Chatbot vs Live Chat? Pros And Cons

Here are some of the points where both of these technologies fail or succeed…

1: Emotions

Winner: Live Chat

Since it is assisted by humans, Live Chat is a sheer winner here.

Humans handling their clients on Live Chat can trigger their emotions better and empathize with their problems. Humans can be humorous, tell jokes, be sarcastic, even negotiate with clients.

This is where chatbots lack since they don’t have feelings(at least not yet). Although there are some smart AI chatbots like Insomnobot that give smart replies but they’re fewer in numbers.

Ultimately, Live Chat integration would be a better choice in this case if you want to connect with your customers emotionally.

“Customers who have an emotional relationship with a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value.” Motista, InMoment

2: Workability

Winner: Chatbots

I think we humans will never be able to overcome chatbots in this domain. We go on vacation, we get ill, we get late, we celebrate holidays but there’s nothing like that with chatbots. On the other hand, chatbots never get tired, never relax, never complain, never take leave. I wish I had these qualities too.

Anyway, chatbots can work 24x7x365 and if you use a chatbot for customer service, it’ll enhance your customer’s experience too.

Live Chat wouldn’t be a good option here since it’s managed by humans who don’t have the qualities I mentioned above. A chatbot on your website will be really helpful if you want to boost work efficiency and availability of your business.

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3: Understanding

Winner: Live Chat

With understanding, I mean the ability to understand the complexity of the issues. No matter how complex the issue is, if there’s a human, he/she will handle it. But we can’t completely depend on chatbots in this case.

Chatbots are built to answer pre-programmed questions and they need some specific keywords to reply.

If you raise an issue that’s more complex and chatbot isn’t programmed for that, it may give you stupid replies or stuck to the same answer. We’re accustomed to slangs, abbreviations, short and casual language while typing.

A human can definitely understand “Wud ya plz fix my meeting for 2day?” but you may need to type a complete sentence while talking to a bot. That’ll take more time and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like it.

This clears that in Chatbot vs Live Chat, the latter dominates the former here.

4: Personalization

Winner: Tie

I’d say there’s a tie between chatbots and live chat at this point. Live Chats can be more personalized conversationally. But if your live chat software isn’t capable of storing previous data of customer’s chat, the returning customers would have a new experience every time they initiate a new chat with you.

Talking about chatbots, a smart chatbot can store previous chat data and assess it to begin further chats. I highlighted A SMART CHATBOT because it is possible only with smart AI-powered chatbots.

The verdict is that in Live Chats, you don’t have to train your employees to provide personalization in conversation. But you have to gather data that’s a bit difficult in Live Chats as compared to chatbots.

With chatbots, it’s easy to gather information but you have to have a smart, AI chatbot and train it well. That’s why I said it’s a tie between chatbots vs live chat.

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5: Response Time

Winner: Chatbots

It’s pretty obvious. Live Chats can’t beat chatbots in response time until you have a dedicated person sitting on the desk, staring at the screen and waiting for a customer to ask a question.

Chatbots respond to a query in no time and this is why it’s more preferred when it comes to an instant reply. Since customers don’t like to wait for the replies, it should be your priority to reply to customers ASAP and it’s possible every time only with chatbots. It’s a good chatbot tactic to make the customer experience better.

Improving your customer’s experience should be in your priority list because happy customers tell 9 people about their experience. On the other hand, disappointed customers tell 22 people about their experience.

6: Cost Efficiency

Winner: Chatbots

Hiring a team of 20 members for chat support would cost you way more than a single chatbot. You won’t have to pay it, you won’t have to compensate for the errors caused by them, etc.

There are numerous chatbot builders in the market that help you create chatbots with a super-easy process for different platforms. These platforms eases the chatbot integration process and these bots cost lesser in maintenance.

Cost Efficiency is one of the biggest factors that lead chatbots ahead in Chatbot vs live chat.

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7: Use Cases

Winner: Tie

This depends on different scenarios and needs of customers, and the size of your business. If you deal with complex questions your bot’s not programmed to reply, it’ll be a waste for your business. If your business doesn’t have a large customer base, you don’t need a chatbot in this case.

On the other hand, if your customers ask common or repetitive questions, you can integrate a chatbot to handle those efficiently. That’ll save the time of your employees and let them focus on other worthy tasks. If your business has a huge customer base and deals with hundreds of questions a day, then a chatbot is for you.

The Optimal Solution

You’re now enough familiar with pros and cons of chatbots and live chat. So let’s come up with a solution that’ll be suitable for every business type.

In 2018, overall consumer reaction to chatbots was positive, but still somewhat wary. This is probably wise, as chatbots will only get better as the artificial intelligence underpinnings improve, and businesses learn lessons (sometimes the hard way) about how best to utilize this new technology. However, there’s still an optimal solution I talked about at the beginning of this post.

Chatbots nowadays come with a feature where a real person can take over in between the chat. This improves the chat experience of users since whenever a chatbot is failing to answer a query, it’ll transfer the conversation to a human agent.

With a combination of both chatbot and live chat, you’ll be able to meet every measure we’ve discussed above. Nothing’s perfect that’s true, but this combo would help you get closer to perfection.

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Final Verdict

Well after a recent study, Oracle confirms, 80% of businesses are using or planning to have Chatbots by 2020. On the other hand, if we go back to 2018, only 17% of the brands planned to add a live chat software on their website.

Well, apart from the numbers, you can pretty well understand the need and change in the working style in the coming year. And yes, maybe the reason to improve and increase customer engagement.

Keeping the steam up, we have got a solution for you which would definitely improve your customer relationship with the power of artificial intelligence. It’ll assist you to build your Facebook Messenger Chatbot in just 5 minutes with the help of Natural Language Processing to bear your messenger marketing campaign.

Our chatbot builder gives the feature of human take over. This way you can provide AI-powered customer service and make sure your chat system gives you the best and desired outcome.

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