Chatbot Welcome Message: Know Best Practices For Your Business

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Chatbot- Welcome-Message

Chatbots aren’t restricted to any specific sector of marketing. Chatbots can be used for the reduction of manual work as well as for creating brands’ first impression. In chatbot marketing, the term “welcome message” is used to create brands’ first image in its’ audience’s sight. 

Chatbot welcome message is the first response that bot sends to the user who initiates a live chat. Chatbot welcome messages not only create the first impression, but they also maintain customer engagement. In this post, you’ll get to know the steps and the best practices that can be used while creating chatbot welcome message through BotMyWork Chatbot Builder. 

What Is Chatbot Welcome Message?

A welcome message is the first message that bot uses to continue the chat initiated by the visitor on the click of the “Get Started” button. The entire conversational flow with visitors’ depends on this initial greeting content. An efficient bot greeting message helps in providing instant replies with the reduction in support work. 

Chatbot welcome message spreads awareness and guides visitors about the product and services you deal with. Using BotMyWork Chatbot Builder, businesses can inform and maintain engagement with their audience in all possible modes. [BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is a conversational marketing software that works on Messenger after the integration with Facebook Business Page.]

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BotMyWork Chatbot Builder creates a personalized environment for visitors using {{first_name}} attribute on Messenger. Based on the business specification, users can prepare content and add CTA buttons accordingly. With Chatbot Builder users can insert three CTA buttons with “Block, URL, and Phone”. 


For instance, suppose in your welcome content, you’ve added three buttons. The first buttons consist of a Block, the second a URL, and the last a Phone. If the visitor clicks on the second button the URL which you’ve inserted in the button will open on the browser. In this way, by adding URL on buttons you can easily redirect your potential leads to the landing and product pages you want. With the welcome message, you can also train your bot to provide a conversational flow to your subscribers.

To make it more personalized and give a human touch, there are 8 native elements (text, list, image, gallery, quick reply, phone, email, and location) and 50 cards in the Story section. Businesses can leverage the native elements and cards as per the requirement of their conversational workflow. Now comes the time to discover the steps for creating a welcome message for your first-time visitors. 

Steps To Create Welcome Messages With BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

Before creating a bot conversational workflow, you must have a Facebook Page integrated with BotMyWork Chatbot Builder. Create an accurate and responsive chatbot in 5-minutes with the implementation of these steps. 

Steps To Build BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

  1. Log in with your Facebook Account into BotMyWork Chatbot Builder 
  2. Select the Facebook Page you want to integrate with BotMyWork Chatbot Builder
  3. Train the bot to make it responsive enough to handle customer queries
  4. Sit back and let the bot handle your visitors’ chat!

Note- (i).  Chatbot Notification “You’ve now linked BotMyWork Chatbot Builder To Facebook” appears when you’ve successfully integrated your Facebook Page with BotMyWork Chatbot Builder. (ii). At present BotMyWork Chatbot Builder operates only on Facebook Messenger. 

Click here to know more about the Steps To Create Free Messenger Bot With No-Coding! 

Once your Facebook page is configured with BotMyWork Chatbot Builder, you can proceed to the steps for creating your bot welcome message. 

Steps To Create A Welcome Message

  1. Open BotMyWork Chatbot Builder Dashboard after login
  2. Click on “Stories” from the Left sidebar 
  3. Now from “Build-In” options click on the “Welcome” button
  4. Prepare your Welcome content and inject CTA buttons if required
  5. Test your Welcome Message in Messenger
  6. Welcome your first-time visitors with Chatbot Welcome Message


  1. You must hold a Chatbot Builder Account integrated with Facebook Business Page if you want to train your bot with welcome message.
  2. Chatbot Builder holds a restriction on the number of CTA buttons that can be inserted in your message content. That is you can only add three CTA buttons with block, URL, or phone. 
  3. Cards and native elements can be used in combination to create a more personalized user experience. Point of consideration here is that your cards must hold a valid input. Anyhow if any card contains a missing value or incorrect block redirects then, it won’t respond accurately. Further, you won’t acquire effective results from your bot training. 
  4. Along with {{first_name}} you can also use {{last_name}} and {{input}} for creating a personalized customer experience. 
  5. Using tall, full, and compact, you can set the size of all the messages that will appear on Messenger. 

Best Practices For Bot Welcome Message 

Implement these practices in your welcome message to make your welcome message format the best. 

1. Create Personalization At Every Step

If you think product pricing is imperative for users then, you are completely wrong. The thing that matters the most to customers is the support service they receive from the business they’re interacting with. Make your customers feel like customers and not just resource by using {{last_name}} and {{input}} attributes besides {{first_name}}.  

Practice these attributes in your welcome content and embrace your visitors with warm messages. 

2. Make It Simple But Effective

Simplicity Endures Elegance! Well… this also goes with your bot greeting messages. Simple but effective sentences in your welcome content can help you convert more potential leads towards your business. 

No one likes to read lengthy paragraphs with lots of errors. Your lead has initiated the web chat because he wants quick responses. Your long and lengthy sentences are just working as an obstacle in their path. And stopping them to maintain the conversation with your bot. 


Create your welcome script but using short and error-free sentences. The shorter you create the more you can engage.

3. Resolve Queries & Maintain Engagement 

In your welcome message for customers include CTA buttons that redirect them to the information, they’re looking for! For instance, in your bot welcome message, you can add CTAs that can inform them about the services and products your business sell. 

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder facilitates three types of CTA buttons. You can leverage these buttons as suggested but it’s totally up to your preferences. Using the buttons, you can form a conversation script and command your user to take decisions from the choices you’ve set for them.

Your visitors’ would be restricted to decide on the options, you’ve entered on the buttons. This restriction on the use of CTA buttons makes your support flexible enough to solve your customers’ concerns ASAP. 

Once your visitors’ problem is resolved, you can use Facebook subscription messages to maintain the engagement of your potential business leads. Subscription messages include both promotional as well as non-promotional content to make the business grow in a better approach. Using Facebook 24+1 rule, you can form a healthy connection with your visitors. 

Note- Facebook Business pages that are approved with a Page-Level Facebook Subscription Messaging can send a subscription content through their Facebook pages. Along with this, businesses need to follow all the terms and policies for messages set by the Facebook community. 

4. Give Your Visitors Some Time To Breathe

Don’t forget your visitors are human and not a bot. In a row, you’re sending long and lengthy content to your visitors. They haven’t got the time to read your first message, and you’ve already blasted them with the second one. If you want to convert your visitors into a qualified lead provide them a natural surrounding.

While training your bot include a normal reading time for all your messages. Make sure your visitors are getting the required time to read the sentences you’ve thrown on the screen.

Bonus Tip

55% of customers prefer to interact with sites that use a chatbot. So, if you show your visitors/customers that you’re using Messenger bot for an online chat more visitors will like to form communication with your business.

Practice Messenger bot to your best by implementing Facebook Messenger Widget on your website. Using Facebook Messenger Widget on your site, you would be converting every possible lead into a customer for your business. 

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Make Your First Impression With Chatbot Welcome Message!

First Impression Is The Last Impression! Bot welcome message not only creates the first impression but it also automates the work of support by creating conversational flow. 

I have listed the steps to create the bot greeting message and the most suitable practices that make your welcome content the best. If you’ve any doubts regarding BotMyWork Chatbot Builder contact our support at support@botmywork.com or Facebook community.

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