6 Chatbot Marketing Hacks To Get In Practice For Your eCommerce Site

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“The chatbots market estimated to grow from USD 703.3 million in 2016 to USD 3,172.0 million by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 35.2% during 2016–2021.”

Source: MarketsAndMarkets

The excessively in-use chat applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram DM (Direct Message), etc. outrages the use of conversational marketing concepts. Especially, use of Facebook Messenger Chatbot has supplied to the growth of Chatbot Marketing. Further, in this blog, you’ll read about the top 6 chatbot marketing hacks that will benefit your eCommerce site for sure.

But, First thing first…

What Is Chatbot Marketing?

It is a type of marketing conducted via A.I. applications called chatbots. Marketing through a chatbot is an innovative yet vulnerable approach. It is essential to target customers with context rather than only promotional content.

Chatbot Marketing witnesses visually drastic hike in marketing hacks in the last few years. Each industry is moving towards hiring a bot for its marketing strategies too.

Chatbots in eCommerce has gained huge momentum in the current market scenarios. The crucial logics and peculiar back-end designs power the bots’ functionality. But, eCommerce store owners often overlook the minor details of chatbot UI & interactive constructs. This may affect the effects of conversational marketing, the whole purpose of installing bots.

Planning marketing strategies through eCommerce chatbots is the basic ideology of conversational marketing. As the whole idea resides on the communication; it gets crucial to upscale the basic marketing practices.

And so, listed here are the best 6 Chatbot Marketing Hacks that you must get in practice for your successful eCommerce stores. Let’s learn how the very basic ideas fetch in greater results –

Best 6 Chatbot Marketing Hacks

1. Survey The Visitor Before Initiating The Chat

Chat increases the rate of conversions.

People visiting your site are from different backgrounds and various roles. It is essential to pitching them with their ultimate reasons to visit your site. Hence, you can deliver them a pre-chat survey.

What is Pre-Chat Survey?

A pre-chat survey is the type of survey that is conducted before the chat is initiated. The purpose to conduct the pre-chat survey is to get the knowledge about your visitor. Also, it is an effective way to gather personal information of your visitor.

In the starting of the survey, configure your chatbot to ask the visitor to fill in the pre-chat survey. Once, they accept to fill in the survey, push in the question depending on the response you got from the previous one. This will help you to get the context clear for the chat further.

2. Basic Chatbot UI Can Be Interesting Too

Boring Chatbot UI can repel your eCommerce site visitors.

Wondering what does boring UI here means? Imagine, you are texting and you have no idea whether the receiver on the other end is even available or not. This can be annoying if you get to wait for long minutes.

Simple UI/UX designs with less or no interactive elements in chat can lose your visitor’s interest. Obviously, you wouldn’t want that. And, when you have simple alternatives, nothing to worry about then.

You can include interactive elements on your chat screen. Like

  • Using background themes and color palettes to add some colors to your chat.
  • Adding active/inactive status will inform the visitor that chatbot is available or not for the chat.
  • Adding a typing indicator to let your visitors know that there is someone on the other end typing, like a wavy line or static running dots, etc.

There are numerous points that you can think out of your creativity. Importance of having an interactive chat window will motivate your visitors’ interest in chat. Also, it will benefit to pitch the products/service as the visitor is already involved.

3. Automatic Chat Requests Handling

Why wait for accepting Chat Requests when it can be automated?

When you have a visitor onsite, your goal is to convert the visitor into a potential lead in real-time. And to do that, your efforts matter. The better customer experience you’ll offer, better is your opportunity to convert.

Quick assistance will fetch better results while waiting time can kill the opportunity. Hence, don’t let your visitors wait long for someone to accept their chat requests. Provide instant and automatic chat requests acceptance and assistance with your marketing chatbots.

4. Targeted Proactive Chat Is Essential

Content is King… But, Context is Queen!

As top-level marketers claim, context is equally important as customers! Let your visitors know that you care for them and are available for them.

Your eCommerce chatbot should be focussed from the very first text exchanged. Make sure your bot gives a professional presence to your visitors and not mechanical. If you have already conducted the pre-chat survey, then your bot will have sufficient information to frame the context of the conversation.

Awareness about the visitors’ information will help the bot in triggering the proactive chat with the visitor. Inviting the visitor into 1:1 conversation through proactive chat feature will also make them feel more personal. One-on-one communication is undoubtedly more personal and more contributing to the business.

5. Forward Chat Transcripts To Visitors

Attract more leads with providing Chat Transcripts.

Well, it is not a common chatbot marketing hack but is definitely the potential one. Chatbot in conversation with the visitor has already taken the contact information while heading to the end of the conversation. Configure your bots to generate the chat transcripts after each chat is terminated. Chat transcripts will have all the main highlights of bot’s chat with the visitor.

Share these transcripts with your visitors to remind them of the key points of chat. Similar to the key points listed after meetings are shared with all the concerned individuals. The benefit of doing so is that your visitor may not remember each key point of the chat after some time but with the transcripts, they can regain the main points from the conversation.

6. Traverse The Visitors’ Information From Chat To CRM Funnels

Let your Chatbot Feed in your CRM too.

As you already know that chat is an interactive way to gain information from your visitors. You can efficiently customize your marketing chatbot to fetch the information from site visitors and store them in your CRM platform.

The benefit of connecting chatbot with CRM funnel is that all the information fetched like name, address, contact number, email, etc. It will all be stored in CRM in segmented structures. Also, throughout the conversation, the bot can update the conversion funnel stages of each active lead.

The combination of Chatbot and CRM integration will ease your work. And, you’ll have the sorted data. Analyzing this data will be easier and to track the conversion channels will also be easier.

Key Takeaways

  1. Don’t annoy your visitor with multiple questions survey. Trigger their context within 3-5 questions maximum before heading them to the chat.
  2. Interactive UI will encourage visitors to continue the conversation.
  3. Automate business processes through your chatbot as possible.
  4. Configure the bot to focus on the context first and content later.
  5. The content/product/service pitched via Chatbot shouldn’t resemble your promotional activities.
  6. Connecting CRM with your chatbot will regain your time earlier invested in sorting information at your CRM platform.

Last Words…

We believe in delivering solutions for improvising the customer experience at every step. And, so we understand the dilemma of most companies who want to hire the chatbot but are unwilling to share their data with any third-party.

Having automated chatbots is good until it is relevant to the user and marketer both. But, it is not guaranteed when you are outsourcing the marketing chatbot services.

You can have control over all your chatbot activities if you build one for yourself. Yes! You can do that using CHATBOT BUILDER TOOL.

For assistance in getting the best Chatbot Builder tool for all your needs or to learn more in regards to the concept, involve with us in a healthy discussion. Leave your comments.

Stay Tuned!

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