How Chatbots Can Be Used In Lead Generation Strategies?

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chatbot lead generation strategies

Lead generation and chatbots. A perfect combination of two can flood your business with leads. For this, you should embrace chatbot lead generation strategies to produce more leads.

So is there a scarcity of prospects in your business? Do you wanna use the best platform to generate effective leads?

If you’re nodding, you’ll have your solution by the end of this article.

How Chatbots help in lead generation?

1: Help understand the audience

It’s hard to give a present to your new neighbor but easy when you’re selecting a gift for your close friend. Why so? Because you know your friend inside out.

Likewise, selling products to customers can be hard if you don’t know their interests. Chatbot eases this hard job.

A chatbot makes it easy to help you understand your audience. It enables you to identify the product interests, likes and dislikes of consumers. This also improves lead engagement.

A chatbot can conduct surveys, ask questions and quizzes whenever users talk to it. Thus, helps you get a better idea about your best and least-performing products too.

An eCommerce store can use a sales chatbot to increase lead generation.

For example, if a user visits your website, the bot can ask his interests. If the user enters the wristwatch, the bot can show the best wristwatches you’ve in your inventory.

2: Segmenting audience

Segmentation plays a major role in keeping your content relevant. It also escalates your lead generation strategy.

Suggesting US residents a tour package, valid for the Indian citizens can spoil the customers’ experience.

Your chatbot can segment the audience based on the data they provided. It does so on many factors like demographics, interests, age, gender, etc.

This helps you in lead nurturing too. If a customer belongs to a particular category, you can deal with him with the solution you have for that section.

For example, if a user celebrates Christmas, your bot can show the best presents available for the customer to give at Christmas.

This can be very impactful since it targets the audience with a fitting solution.

3: Build Relationships

Trust is the foundation of a relationship. A chatbot helps you build that trust by having a regular talk to the audience.

It engages subscribers by providing instant support and always being available to help them. This makes the users think that there’s a brand they can always rely on.

This can be very helpful for lead generation. People rely on chatbots because they’re not pushy and they always take care of the customer’s preferences.

You can provide customer support via chatbot for your users. If they find any issues related to their shopping experience or their account, they’ll ask the bot how to fix it.

We’ve various chatbot lead generation strategies but this is the one which must be followed. For building a lasting relationship with customers, you can do this with chatbots to increase lead generation.

4: Replace forms

Filling out forms has become a tedious task to do. Neither it’s exciting nor engaging. Chatbots can replace these forms in a super-effective way to generate leads cleverly.

It asks user details within the conversation as the user goes further. This lessens the friction and streamlines the data collection process for you. Hence boosts your lead generation strategy if a customer doesn’t have to make efforts to fill info.

Users find it easy to give information in reply to an answer. Having a chatbot to collect lead information doesn’t bore a user.

Build a chatbot that can ask any user’s name, email, phone, address and more.

By providing autofill options, you can make the customer do less typing, hence, fasten the detail giving process too.

5: Educate the audience

Education is an essential element in the lead generation process. Without having knowledge about the product, the customer won’t buy it. This can be made easy with a chatbot.

Many organizations are using chatbots to teach their audience and make them regular subscribers. Even I’ve subscribed to many platforms on facebook messenger to read blog articles on my favorite topics.

This makes the blog reading much easier. By just entering the term you want the blog to read, you’ll get the articles in a few seconds.

Chatbots let user find the content you’ve on your website easily.

If you’ve a blogging platform, your bot can provide the feature to a user to simply type “Content Marketing” to get posts about Content Marketing.

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There’s more you can do

Integrate Chatbot with your CRM

If you wanna do lead nurturing, you should be aware of your customer’s stage.

Integrating your bot with CRM can help you identify your customer’s journey. It also streamlines your chatbot lead generation strategies.

It puts the data of every subscriber in your CRM to help you identify what should be your next step to move that prospect one step further.

If a new subscriber moves one step ahead in the buying stage, the information will be sent to the CRM.

This not only organizes your lead data but also makes your lead management fluent.

Your sales team can then contact the customer to provide the services he showed interest in while talking to the bot. Or your sales bot can suggest the products itself to make him buy it.

Set a scoring mechanism for your leads

Distinguishing different kinds of leads will become easy for you this way.

You can give scores to the leads based on their activities. If a lead is ready to buy a product, you can assign a good score to classify him like a hot lead.

If a lead isn’t looking qualified and needs more awareness, a low score can be assigned so you can differentiate between leads.

Product recommendation with a chatbot to high scoring leads may result in a sale. Low scoring leads can be provided with more informational content. All this can be done with a chatbot.

Use a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

In all the chatbot lead generation strategies, this can be most lucrative.

Messenger marketing is the dawn of marketing and Facebook messenger is the best platform to use a chatbot for lead generation.

Implementing a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger can bear your lead generation strategies heavily. This makes it more convenient for the user to explore your services and products.

If a customer can talk to your brand directly from his facebook messenger account, they’ll be more likely to connect with you there.

The more connection you’ll have, the more successful your lead nurturing and chatbot lead generation strategies will be.

Chatbots are the future

Chatbots are the present of business and their future is much brighter.

According to Business Insider, 80% of the companies will be using chatbots by 2020. If you wanna grow your business, you must be a part of that 80%.

You can generate leads with the usual methods too. But these chatbot lead generation strategies can get you more effective leads. After all, only effective leads will convert into paying customers.

People prefer chat to communicate with businesses. That’s why the chatbot conversion rate is higher. In short, if you don’t have a lead generation bot, you’ll miss out on the opportunities of generating effective leads.

Build your own chatbot to generate high-quality leads. Give your lead generation strategy a boost today.

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