Why Chatbot Builder Is The Need Of The Hour?

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Chatbot Builder Tool Need

“You can’t build a Chatbot because you are No Programmer!

I bet! You must have heard this statement a lot many times and felt saddened about it. The non-programmers even tried taking up a crash course to learn to build chatbots. But their efforts went in vain. Until they’ve heard about Chatbot Builder Platform.

Stop! Take a moment! And Listen!

What if I say that it doesn’t really matter! Whether you know programming concepts or not, you can build your own chatbots. And that too within minutes!

How?  Read On…
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Before heading to the futuristic solution, let us first take a step back and read on the technical outlook of a Chatbot.

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) based software. It helps the user to simulate a conversation through messages, transcripts, websites, etc.

A chatbot is only a trained Question-Answer system. This system generates the responses as answers to the query received by the user. Chatbots are a highly efficient application of “Natural Language Processing with A.I.”.

Chatbot applications rationalize the business processes at customers’ end. And reduce the extra cost involved in customer support.

Chatbot applications are B2B projects. Each business can have its own kind of bot structured based on their processes involved. And, businesses should consider the type, configurations, and response-queries before hiring the chatbot. A wrong choice may underground your appearance in the market. While a proper analyzed choice will fetch you the sky.

Today, chatbots are utilized in almost every sphere of online businesses. Be it then event management or eCommerce products/services trade. And hence, the chance of getting better sales with the integration of chatbots are higher.

But, not everyone is a programmer, as we know. Most organizations avoid the integration of bots. Reason being, to avoid the interruption of third-parties into their business. Or, they either have to hire the trained personnel to get the job done.

To help entrepreneurs with lucrative solutions, the concept of Chatbot Builder evolved.

What is a Chatbot Builder?

A Chatbot Builder is a Chatbot Development Platform. It is an interactive space that helps the user build their own chatbots. Customizations with drag ‘n’ drop elements make it easier for any individual to get along.

Chatbot Builder holds many tempting features, as listed below –

  1. Chatbot integration with Facebook Messenger page in minutes
  2. Customizable themes, color, and fonts
  3. Human takeover from chatbot
  4. Natural Language Processing for regional language conversation
  5. Sentiments Analysis of users
  6. Message Broadcasting

…and many more!!!

We all know, how crucial Chatbots are? With refined benefits and appealing offers, you can achieve the limits beyond the sky. This takes us to the next segment of our blog, i.e., What is the need for Chatbot Builder Platform?

Need For Chatbot Builder Platform

businesses consider chatbot for a reason

Chatbot builder platform is of immense help to entrepreneurs. An opportunity to build their own chatbots hassle-free lures in the entrepreneurs’ interest.

1. Easy To Build Bots

Chatbot builder offers drag n drop elements. The user can easily select the elements he/she wish to have for the bot. With drag n drop feature, the user can design the layouts for a chat and when, how, what CTA is to come up can also be settled.

2. More Personalized Customizations Available To Entrepreneurs

Users can customize the look and feel of their bots along with its replies. Chatbot builder helps the user to suggest quick responses to the queries received. User can add native elements like lists, images, emails, locations and more with chatbot builder.

3. Promoting Conversational Market

Conversational marketing is the future of marketing. Customers today, prefer to connect & learn about the product/service before using them. With conversational marketing, having a one-to-one connection with customers and potential audience is easier.

Chatbots converse with the potential leads and customers on the front-end. Through chatbots, products can be offered to the customer in conversation only. With conversational marketing chatbot, marketing and selling on chat are more alluring. But, be considerate of the 24+1 Rule that clearly states the limit of promotional content over chat.

4. To Provide 24×7 Customer Support

Chatbots are designed in a way to stay charged all the time. Yes! You might never know when the customer can visit your site, app or chat. It can be 12 in the noon or 2 at night. Chatbots, here, are in for your rescue. The basic idea behind installing chatbots on site is for their 24×7 efficiency.

Bots get active whenever any user visits your page. And, attends the queries right up there. Chatbots provide customer support service throughout the year. At any point, if bot fails to reply, then a human can easily take over the chat. And continue the existing conversation.

5. Quick Responses Against Frequent Queries

Chatbot builder platform not only provides the customization templates to build a bot. Rather, you can also analyze the frequent questions or set greetings & pre response to that. You can initialize the chat with quick response buttons as the visitor lands on your site.

6. Broadcasting Messages

As you might know, traditionally, emails were sent to customers regarding offers and updates. In a survey, it is concluded that emails have 5%-40% open rate. Getting 40%+ open rate is away beyond success.

While using apps like facebook messenger provides beyond 90% open rates and click-through rates. They also have a consistent 70% – 80% open rates and 50% – 60% CTRs. Hence, marketing through messenger like apps is way more beneficial while broadcasting messages in bulk.

You can broadcast messages to site visitors, contacts & subscribers in minutes using chatbot builder. Delivering the same message to each contact is much time-consuming and tiring as well. This also includes a chance you may miss out some contacts.

With chatbot builder, you can easily select the list of contacts. And create a separate group before sending the message. And, when you are sure of the list, you can send the customized message content to all simultaneously. Or you may simply schedule the message to broadcast later.

Chatbot Builder Tool has a great scope of utility and benefits that makes it desirable. But, desires do hold some pros and cons. Similarly, Chatbot builder is the desired need but has some pros and cons too. Let’s see what they are.

Pros & Cons for Chatbot Builder Platform



  1. Real-time communication
  2. Better audience reach
  3. Saves time & resources
  4. Helps in generates new leads
  5. More personalized chat experiences to users
  1. Lack of human interaction
  2. Bad customer experience when the bot is designed poorly
  3. If the chatbot is not configured properly, could backfire your marketing strategy

How BotMyWork Can Help?

We at BotMyWork urge to develop solutions to make your life at ease. Our Chatbot Builder Platform is the result of the same urge.

Any individual, programmer or no-programmer can now make their own bots. With a few simple steps, a bot is designed in minutes and trust us – “No Coding Needed”! Follow the link and learn “How To Create Your Own Chatbot Within Minutes?” in our next follow-up blog.

Also, for any doubt and help, you can connect with us anytime, from anywhere at support@botmywork.com.

Keep Reading. Keep Learning! 🙂

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