Chatbot Builder Conferred 2 Titles for Artificial Intelligence Software by Business Software Directory

Deboshree Mazumdar Updated on: January 24, 2019 Leave a Comment
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A giant and effective Chatbot builder for your organisation is here with the guarantee of FinancesOnline.
Chatbot Builder powered by BotMyWork, is yet enjoying another year of success by adding another feather to its hat! For what? Recently, business software directory giant FinancesOnline has honored businesses solutions for artificial intelligence.
With due respect, it has awarded the Premium Usability and Rising Star titles to BotMyWork Chatbot builder. This shows the brilliant work of smart chatbots in the field of artificial intelligence. It aims to engage visitors “in fluid and seamless” discussions and “natural conversations.”
For the ones who do not know about FinancesOnline, it is a popular directory for business software solutions. With over 7,000 reviews for various businesses, it is one of the trusted firm to search down new artificial intelligence technologies.
Garnering 100% user satisfaction rating, BotMyWork is considered as clients’ reliable solution. which has many benefits and can solve communication problems on its heights. In the overview it includes round-the-clock communication, with Facebook page visitors.
It too has scored 8.0 in its review and 100% user satisfaction as claimed by the directory giant.

So, to convey our humble regards to the whole team of FinancesOnline…

We at BotMyWork Chatbot Builder are delighted to have our hard work recognized by experts in the B2B and SaaS space. who are engross to educate users about what is AI software and how it can benefit their business.
We will definitely continue improving our chatbot builder solution this 2019. To provide all our customers with improved technologies for engaging with customers.

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Chatbot Builder Conferred 2 Ti…

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