Chatbot Builder Benefits: Why Your Business Needs A Chatbot Solution?

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Are chatbots useful? What is the scope of chatbots? Is there any disadvantage to chatbots?

So many questions!

Well, the popularity of chatbot marketing has given rise to all these questions. And without going through chatbot builder benefits it won’t be possible to get the clues. The clues that will show why there is a sudden increase in the use of chatbots.

Companies using chatbots for customer service are constantly increasing. Even the prediction states, by the end of 2020, 80% of companies will have their own automated customer service.

Stats are in favor of chatbots. In fact, not only stats but even marketers are in favor of bots. But still, adopting an all-new marketing strategy for business isn’t easy. It takes courage! As it can either make you climb the mountains or drop.

In this post, I will introduce the benefits of the chatbot tool that you should embrace. So, let’s first start by understanding the chatbot tool- BotMyWork Chatbot Builder.


What Is BotMyWork Chatbot Builder?

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is a tool that promotes conversational marketing on the Social Networking Site like Messenger. By reducing the cost spend on staffing it creates a conversational user interface.

Businesses can automate conversation with customers by integrating the bot on their Facebook business page or website.

Chatbot Builder is not industry oriented. Any business that has a Facebook business page can leverage the automation of bot.

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder also provides no-coding functionalities. That means users don’t have to prepare lengthy code for integrating their Facebook page with the bot.

Click here-Steps To Create Messenger Bot With No-Coding! 

Not only this it also carries advanced functionalities that are flexible enough to make it the first choice of users. Broadcast, live chat takeover, FAQs, Lead Generation, Persist-Menu, Customer Segmentation, and Natural Conversational Environment are some of them.

Well, the reasons for using the chatbot builder are uncountable. So, let’s take a look at chatbot builder benefits to identify why your business needs to invest in bots.

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Top 10 Benefits Of Chatbot Builder For Your Business

#BotBenefit 1: Create Chatbot Without Coding

Creating a chatbot requires learning of multiple programming languages. Along with a team that can work uniformly to make the things in an operating state. In concise it takes a lot of money, time and energy!

Although you’ve spent hours developing your chatbot, there is no guarantee that your bot will work as per your specifications. Whereas chatbot builder enables its audience to leverage automation without coding a single line. 

 It’s Completely A No Coding Tool!

To train, the chatbot users only have to log in with their Facebook business account into BotMyWork Chatbot Builder. Provide permission to automate things and select the desired Facebook page is what they need to do!


Your Facebook page gets integrated with Messenger bot without coding in 5 minutes. Now comes the question do you want to reach all your customers at the same time?

#BotBenefit 2: Broadcast Messages To Reach Target Group

Suppose you’re organizing an event on “Ways To Improve Site Performance Through SEO” and want to inform your target group. In this case, what would you prefer?

Preparing content and sending to each individual? Or preparing content and sending at once?

Here comes the role of broadcast messages!

Using the chatbot builder, users can send broadcast messages without visiting each user’s messaging window. Users only need to prepare content and send it to the target group.

Broadcast isn’t limited to this. Users can even schedule their content to reach at the right time when the chance of conversion is highest.


In this way, you’ll be able to reach your target audience for gaining better results.

But how to reach the right group? The answer to this question resides in chatbot builder benefit 3.

#BotBenefit 3: Customer Segmentation Using Tags

Although you’re reducing the repetitive work through broadcast. But how will you reach your target audience?

Chatbot builder includes a section that defines tags to segment the audience into a specific group. Users can assign the most appropriate tag to distinguish all their subscribers/customers.

For instance, if there is a group of audience who is interested in social marketing blogs, you can assign them a social media tag. Similarly for SEO, PPC, and many more.


Always assign an appropriate tag to your audience as this will help in better targeting a specific group while sending broadcast messages.

#BotBenefit 4: Lead Generation & Nurturing

Just like any other marketing strategy chatbots also contribute to lead generation. Wondering how?

Suppose a subscriber interacts with your bot for the first time. During the live chat with the subscriber, bot request for personal details such as email address, phone number, location and much more.

Here the subscriber doesn’t hesitate to provide his information because he knew all this information is asked for serving better customer experience.

In this way, without annoying the subscriber bot gains all essential details that a business need for lead nurturing. Chatbot builder benefits aren’t restricted to lead generation. Bots can be used for lead nurturing too.

Use chatbot builder as a lead generation tool by training the bot in the “Stories” section. So,  train your bot and collate your lead info!

Click here- How Chatbots Can Be Used In Lead Generation Strategies?

#BotBenefit 5: Personalization Of Facebook Messenger Widget

Customers are moved online because they want responses within seconds or minutes. A delay of a second is enough to make them irk and create a situation of abandonment.

Implementing Facebook Messenger Widget on the website reduces occurrences of such situations. As through Facebook Messenger Plugin, the bot is present to provide 24/7 customer support.

“Customers are present in different areas and they prefer to shop more frequently. But for your support team, there is a limit. They can’t be present on the helpdesk 24/7. They’re human they need a break but the thing is bot doesn’t need any break. They can operate 24/7 without taking any power nap.” 

So, personalize chatbot builder Facebook Messenger Widget as per your specification and reduce the chance of abandonment.

#BotBenefit 6: Reduces Support Work & Time

Customers can raise a query any second. It doesn’t depend on whether it’s day or night. They want a reaction from the support team within seconds. And here comes a drawback with your support team, that is they can’t be available for the whole day.

Along with this, it consumes more than the assumed time. Your database holds hundreds or thousands or millions of customers. And if it comes to solve customer queries manually one by one then I can’t predict how many potential customers you’ll lose.

Chatbot builder provides free 24/7 automated live chat support reducing the requirement and time of support agents.

This reduction in time and work is possible through the “Knowledge Base” section of chatbot builder. You can set predefined questions and answers to solve the query in minimum possible time.

For instance, look at the conversation to understand better.

Meghan- I have a concern regarding my order.

Bot- Please let us know the problem
1. Items are missing from the order
2. You’ve received the wrong order
3. Food not delivered
4. Delivery execute not receiving a call
5. The quality wasn’t good

Meghan- Items missing from the order

Bot- Sorry for the inconvenience please let us know which Item Is Missing
1. Spring Rolls
2. Red Sauce Pasta
3. Grilled Sandwich

Meghan- Spring Rolls

Bot- We’re forwarding your concern to the restaurant. The food will be delivered within 20 minutes.

Your bot is solving your customer’s issues within seconds and re-building the lost relationship. In this way for a single question, you can set multiple answers to reduce response time. 


Not only multiple answers but you can also set variation in questions. For example, if customers want information about the restaurants nearby, you can train your bot with the following questions.

Restaurants nearby, Restaurants near me, Restaurants in US, Restaurants near my location…. Etc.


You’re not only preparing your bot for each answer but you’re also providing training for each question. This will create a personalized environment for your customers as you’re providing solutions within seconds.

#BotBenefit 7: Provides Conversational Menu

Personalization is what customers demand! Which is not possible only through a “Get Start” option. That’s why BotMyWork Chatbot Builder provides the functionalities of Persist-Menu.

Using the persist menu users can provide three more additional options to their subscribers for initiating the conversation with the bot.

#BotBenefit 8: Personalization Via Greetings

Customers want to feel like a customer and not like a resource! The benefit of chatbot builder is that it understands how important a customer is for a business. And that’s why it enables us to provide a personalized experience at every step.

Greeting messages is one of the factors that can be used to provide personalization to customers. Users only need to create content, review how it will appear on Messenger and send the message.


The greeting message can be a normal good morning wish, a positive quotation or even information related to your brand.

Chatbot builder enables you to craft greetings as per your requirement to strengthen your bond with leads/customers. “But what if bot fails to respond?” If it’s so then its time to check out #BotBenefit 9.

#BotBenefit 9: Human Takeover On Live Chat

We can’t neglect its software. Situations can occur when the bot can fail to respond. So, that means we shouldn’t use bot marketing?

No, that doesn’t mean you can’t use bots. Bots are used for creating a natural conversational environment and providing quick responses. But still, if they fail to do so there are functionalities like “Human Takeover” on live chat to overcome from such situations. 


For instance, a customer wants to return the purchased product and he is communication with the bot on Messenger. But somehow the bot fails to understand customer concerns and provide the most accurate solutions. Or you haven’t train your bot for such situations.

Such conditions can break the bond between customers and businesses. Providing damage to business in terms of customers, revenue and reputation!

But with chatbot builder, support agents can take over the live chat from bot to resolve their customer queries. By default, the human take overtime is set to 30 minutes but it can be extended as per the resource availability and demand.

Hold On!

The benefits of chatbot builder human take over aren’t over yet!

The support agent can automate the conversation within the default or extended time with a single click. Support members aren’t restricted to stay online for the whole time. Once the query is resolved, the bot can be again used for communication.

Meghan- I want to return the dress.

Bot- Wait I am sending your concern to a human agent. He will be available within minutes. Stay in touch.

Meghan- ohk

In this way, you never lose a single customer.  

#BotBenefit 10: Complete Analytics Report

To determine whether you’re growing or not chatbot builder provides an analytics window. Through the dashboard, users will acquire the following information.

  1.  How many messages they’ve sent?
  2. How many messages they’ve received?
  3. The number of users they’ve interacted?
  4. How many new users they’ve acquired?
  5. What is the number of times the buttons pressed?

Along with this, a graph containing information about the subscribers and unsubscribers. This information will help you understand whether your bot is working effectively or not? And whether it is bringing and fostering new business leads or not? This analytics window is all you need to succeed in your business.


Chatbot Builder Benefits Handed To You!

The chatbot is a new method used by customers for communication and sharing information. BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is a no-coding tool that promotes conversational marketing by reducing the staffing cost involved in attracting, converting and relishing a lead/customer.

I have listed 10 bot benefits that you need to know before arriving on the purchasing decision. If you’ve any doubt or want to schedule a meeting contact us at or Facebook Community.

Do you want to build your own conversational bot for Messenger? Get Started with BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

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