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slack for managing events

Are you planning for some official fun? Use Slack for managing Events and enjoy better!

April 22, 2019

Team Productivity |3 minutes read

Communication plays a vital part in keeping everybody on the same page. Keep it all new and fresh even when … Read More

team collaboration

5 ways to step-up team collaboration for your business

February 22, 2019

Team Productivity |3 minutes read

Team productivity is all set for a better team collaboration. Harness it with talented and engrossed employees!  Team collaboration is … Read More

basic steps

Learn to complete tasks on time in 3 simple ways

February 12, 2019

Team Productivity |3 minutes read

Go easy while filtering tasks and learn the importance of completing tasks on time. No matter how big and renowned … Read More

BusyOn for Hnagouts Chat

Filter Your Employee’s Tasking With BusyOn

January 18, 2019

Team Productivity |3 minutes read

Is juggling between tasks a headache to you? Why get bothered when BOTS can do it for you! Get updates … Read More

stand up meeting scrum mistakes

7 grave mistakes to ward-off during Scrum Daily Meets

October 29, 2018

Team Productivity |3 minutes read

Beware! Does your organization face shortcomings due to the daily meeting? Then, you need to read this… Just a stand-up … Read More

effective scrum meeting feature image

Just 15 minutes and know your tasks via Scrum Meeting

October 9, 2018

Team Productivity |4 minutes read

Meeting Alert: Project manager along with team leaders are requested to gather at level 2 sharp by 10 am Yes, … Read More

Team Task Management

Team Task Management can be healthy! Takeaway-Hangouts chat-bot

August 2, 2018

Team Productivity |2 minutes read

Office + work pressure + team + task assign= BusyOn bot Operating an office is not a child play. It … Read More

How to track work of employee when starting up?

June 28, 2018

Team Productivity |3 minutes read

“High expectation is key to everything.”- Sam Walton, Walmart Founder. As you have made up your mind to start up … Read More

busyon bot

Improve more on task management through BusyOn bot!

May 31, 2018

Team Productivity |2 minutes read

Do you all know, BusyOn bot launches on Google Hangouts Chat? Yes, you read it right. Say any simple 1 … Read More

team task management

Caution!!! Embrace team management without these 7 things!

April 27, 2018

Team Productivity |4 minutes read

Rejected | No | Sorry | Requires improvement | No, this is not relevant, its not required | bad work!!! … Read More

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