How Messenger Chatbot can automate your business?

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Chatbots are the future of marketing and facebook messenger chatbot is leading the bot world at present.

According to Twilio, 89% of consumers say they want the option to talk to businesses through conversational tools like chatbots.

Maybe that’s why brands with big names are using messenger chatbots to market their products.

But it’s not only limited to marketing. Chatbots can completely revamp the way you do business.

If you use a chatbot for your business, it’ll automate so many of your tasks which can save enormous time and get you high returns in your business.

So, if you’re looking to open doors of more revenue and save time, chatbots are the key to that door.

How it can automate your business?

For that, you should know what a messenger chatbot does.

It solves the customer’s problems.

The initial function of a chatbot is to provide the right solution to your customer’s problem in a witty and instant manner.

Chatbots are designed to talk or basically help humans whenever they need it.

If you leverage Facebook Messenger bot for your marketing business, it’ll boost your business success by automating these acts:

1. Availability (24×7)

If you’ve a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, you don’t have to assign teams to reply to your customers.

A bot can do it efficiently.

It’ll answer the questions anytime so your customers don’t have to wait for the reply.

You can create and integrate a Facebook Messenger bot in a few steps without any coding knowledge. Set an answer to the questions which can be asked about your product or service.

You can also set links to your blogs your messenger bot will send to educate your audience.

Build your chatbot in a way so that it can contain every reply to a question related to your brand.

2. Expand Audience reach

Targeting customers by email or driving them to your website isn’t a bad strategy, but it has fewer chances of conversion.

You can increase the conversion rate with chatbots by using them in your Facebook Messenger marketing strategy.

It is a platform where you get to reach a more comprehensive audience.

Facebook Messenger is the second most popular messaging app with 1.3 Billion users worldwide as of 2019. This means you have 18.5% of the world on Facebook Messenger to target and a chatbot is the best way to do it.

By doing this, you don’t ask the browsers to reach out to your website. You reach out to their favorite app yourself which they use all day everywhere.

If you contact them on Facebook Messenger instead of redirecting them to another portal, you’re creating 3.5x more chances of getting that message opened in comparison to a marketing email, according to Headliner Labs.

3. Engaging visitors

It’s hard to engage customers with a blog or an ebook, but it can be easy if you make conversation with them. A Facebook Messenger bot is an expert in this.

If a visitor visits your page, your chatbot can keep them engaged by talking to them and providing what they’re asking for.

With this exchange of information or casual talk, the bot keeps a visitor engaged on your page.

But engaging customers can also be hard if your bot sounds robotic.

You should try to make your messenger chatbot logical and make sure it sounds like a human, even if he’s not. Whatever the answer you’ve written, it must be written in a human language.

People find it hard to interact with a bot if they feel they’re talking to a machine.

You can also give a name to your bot. Personally speaking, it makes people feel like they’re talking to a real person.

4. Schedule appointments and meetings

A Facebook Messenger chatbot makes it easy to schedule meetings and appointments with your customers. If you own a service-based business or even if you don’t it can be helpful for you and your customers.

You can provide the ability to your messenger bot to book appointments.

For example. A salon can provide the feature to its customers to book an appointment on Facebook. They can simply talk to the bot and tell the timing, date, email, etc. to get an appointment fixed on messenger.

This makes it easy for the customers to schedule meetings in a few minutes. A merchant can also get its benefits.

When a customer books an appointment, the merchant gets the email, he can simply accept or reject the booking if he wants to.

Chatbot organizes the scheduling process for both customers and business owners and makes it easily manageable.

5. Collect information without forms

Forms and other orthodox options aren’t that much effective now. A chatbot integrated on facebook helps you generate leads by simply asking user info when going further in a process.

It’s way more effective than forms since a user doesn’t hesitate to give his data when it’s asked in a casual conversation.

A messenger bot can ask the user’s details like email, contact, name, address when he’s making a purchase.

Even if a customer isn’t making a purchase a bot can ask a few details to provide some knowledgeable information to him.

But the biggest benefit of using chatbots on Facebook Messenger is that, if a user has added all his details on his facebook profile, your bot can smartly fetch all those details ever since he contacts you.

6. Selling products

Chatbots can really help businesses sell products and apparently increase sales.

If you’ve an eCommerce store, it’s a must to use a chatbot for your eCommerce business. It makes the buying procedure easy for the customers.

A customer doesn’t have to select from dozens of products. He can simply enter the price range, brand name, color, etc. and the bot will refine the product list and present a few of the best ones to make him select what’s best for him.

All of this takes place at the user’s Facebook Messenger window.

Selling isn’t the thing where bot stops, during the sales process it can also do upselling.

After selling the product, the bot can take the feedback of the customer and also retarget the customer to make him purchase it again.

7. Automate FAQs

Every brand gets tons of questions and answering each and every one of them can be exhausting. Automating this process with chatbots can take a huge load off your marketing team.

FAQs can be automated and answered easily with a chatbot embedded on your Facebook page.

You can create a list of the most common questions related to your brand and let a bot answer it.

This will improve the customer experience too.

They’ll get the solutions for their issues instantly without waiting for long which can make them feel you’re always there to help them.

Create a FAQ chatbot for Facebook page. Code-free

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder helps you automate your customer queries, provide 24/7 live support, and measure customer satisfaction.

8. Retaining Customers

If your facebook bot accomplishes all the above acts, retaining a customer wouldn’t be a tall order.

Remember, it’s all about building credibility.

If you resolve their issues and make customers feel you’re always there to help them, you’re following the best strategy to gain your customers’ trust and retaining them.

A chatbot can conduct surveys, track users’ behaviors to find out what customers are interested in. This can make easy for the bot to provide a personalized user experience.

It’ll also help you close deals easily with customers because you’ve all the info your messenger bot provided in your hand about them and you know what they want.

9. Reduce costs

Chatbots can be a major solution for businesses to reduce costs.

265 billion customer support requests are generated every year. Companies spend $1.3 trillion to resolve it. That’s almost close to infinite.

But according to Chatbots Magazine, if businesses use customer service chatbots they can reduce customer service costs by up to 30%.

This will not only reduce the cost, if you implement a customer service chatbot for your business, it can also free up your employees from answering the same questions again and again and let them focus on the complex ones.

Future of Chatbots in business

  • 2020

85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human agent. This shows the chatbot implementation is significant for every business.

  • 2021

50% of enterprises will spend more on chatbots than mobile apps. In just 2 years, chatbots will take over the mobile app development techniques to become a major preference of half of the enterprises.

  • 2022

$8 billion in cost savings from the use of Chatbot conversations. Chatbots will become the choice of customers to talk to when they need any kind of support in a few years from now.

  • 2023

2.5 billion hours will be saved by businesses and consumers combined. Retail, Banking and Healthcare sectors will be saving $11 billion annually.

  • 2024

1.3 billion will be the overall size for chatbots in the world. As chatbots assist customers with individual personalization, it’ll become paramount for most organizations.

Keep this in mind

A chatbot is an Automator. For a scintillating future of your business, you must snap at it. But keep a few things in mind, if you defer in programming a messenger chatbot well, it’ll make you lose your valuable customers.

People don’t like it when they get an incoherent answer and when it comes from a bot, there’s no margin of error. We think that a machine cannot commit mistakes but it can if you don’t instruct it well.

You can grow your business with messenger chatbot by building a thriving chatbot based on your business strategies. Just make sure the bot doesn’t leave the customers in lurch.

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