What Is The Need To Migrate From App Level To Page Level For Facebook Subscription Messaging?

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subscription messaging for facebook

More open rates and click-through rates are what marketers require for their business. Using the traditional email marketing strategy, it’s quite possible to achieve the desired results but still, it lacks the human impression.

The marketers of today’s digital time prefer to adopt Facebook Messenger Marketing as one of their main marketing tactics for establishing a long-lasting connection with their clients. As it enables them with the facility to interact and connect with their potential leads and customers to strengthen their bond.

On the top, through Facebook Messenger Marketing, marketers can acquire more engagement than organic posts on Facebook News Feeds.

Facebook Messenger Marketing
Facebook Messenger Marketing allows businesses of all streams to connect and form a relationship with their potential leads and customers by interacting with them on a recurring basis. Through Facebook Messenger Chatbot, it’s easy to pick up the conversation with the customer from where they have left it. With a tool like Facebook Messenger Chatbot, developers and business can easily engage and build trust in their work by sharing informative and knowledgeable content on a regular basis.

From the current scenario, it won’t be wrong to say, facebook community knows how essential Facebook messenger platform has become for modern marketers.

The migration of app-level to page-level is also taken in accordance to provide a more personalized working experience to Facebook marketers.

The announcement was made by “Facebook for developers community” when 2018 was taking its last breathing.

The Facebook declaration was-


To get more registered users, Facebook has extended its Subscription Messaging deadline a number of times! And as per the latest report, Facebook has extended its Subscription Messaging Permission Update deadline till July 31, 2019.


Facebook has said if businesses and developers want to take the benefit of subscription messages then they need to get approved with page-level subscription messaging feature in accordance to utilize the broadcast API. The Apps that aren’t approved and still working on the App-Level criteria will no longer be entertained by Facebook.

Facebook has encouraged all the businesses and developers to accept this step and send their approval request as they’ve added advanced messaging features it in!

But, Do You Know What Is Subscription Messaging?

Subscription messages are non-promotional messages that developers and business owners can send to their potential leads and customers through the 24-hour standard messaging window, Messenger!

Through subscription messages, it’s easy to send educational and trending content to all the users on a recurring basis for establishing a personalized relationship with them.

Are You Continuously Thinking The Benefits Of Page-level Subscription Messaging?

If you’re then let me do this job for you!

1. No Restriction On Non-Promotional Content

You can send non-promotional content as much as you desire! From the Facebook community, there is no restriction on the quantity of non-promotional messages that an owner of an organization can send to their customers.

2. Opportunity To Connect With Billions

If you apply for Facebook Subscription then you’ll be carrying an opportunity to connect with 2.38 billion active users worldwide. Without any hindrance, you would be able to expand your customer reach and boundary.

3. Easy To Maintain Consistency

Though subscription messaging for Facebook, you would be able to share content on a regular basis to your target audience. This non-promotional content will help you build trust and reputation among your target audience. If you invest your time in sending your subscription messaging request you would be able to do that!

4. It’s Easy To Showcase Your Presence

Through content, it’s easy to showcase who you’re? Why your audience should rely upon you? What events you’re going to organize for your potential leads as well customers? You’ll be able to do all that if you apply subscription messages for Facebook.

5. Can Resolve Customers Queries

Through Facebook messenger chatbot, developers and marketers can form one to one communication with their customers to solve their queries and problems. As nowadays, customers prefer to use the messaging platform from where they can quickly illustrate their queries and get solutions. And Facebook Messenger Chatbot enables marketers to fulfill this desire of customers.

6. Easy To Maintain Engagement

With Facebook messenger chatbot, it’s easy to acquire engaged and committed users for free!

7. No Space For Conflicts

Once the Apps are migrated from app-level to page level, developers and businesses can provide a more personalized environment to their potential audience. After the implementation of this page-level hierarchy, there will be no chaos between the teams. And they can pick the customers from where they have left their chat to reduce miscommunication.

These are the seven benefits that a Facebook audience acquires if they request subscription messaging for Facebook.

Developers and businesses can send promotional and non-promotional content regularly on the basis of 24+1 rule set by Facebook.

To get all the benefits of this transformation of Facebook marketing you need to send a message subscription request to Facebook Community before July 31, 2019.

There are some easy steps that you need to implement in accordance to get your subscription messaging for Facebook approved.

Note: The application review process is manual. So, pay special attention and follow all the terms and policies set by Facebook. Facebook staff will notify about the status of Facebook Subscription Messaging once they finish reviewing subscription request.

So, What’s Your Final Decision?

The Facebook community is continuously attempting to improve its messaging algorithms. In accordance to provide a more personalized working experience to its marketers. The Page-Level Subscription Messaging Feature is all crafted in order to enhance customer relationship with businesses and developers.

Facebook has requested it’s audience to migrate from app-level subscription to page-level message subscription. As they have added advanced messaging features to enhance the way of communication.

In this blog post, I have listed seven reasons that will compel you to immediately apply your subscription messaging for Facebook.

But, here I want to inform you that BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is already inbuilt with this advanced feature of Facebook! To know more about BotMyWork Chatbot Builder or Subscription Messaging for Facebook stay in touch with us to solve all your queries.

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