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Choose simple tricks to add automation to your teamwork

April 13, 2018

Team Productivity |2 minutes read

Meeting at the conference room, sharp at 9:00 am. This sentence is more than enough to startle someone from normal … Read More

task management

Top 5 benefits how taskbot can mend your working at office?

April 6, 2018

Team Productivity |2 minutes read

Slack has become an advanced and leading tool to automate the working culture for tomorrow. And that’s why task bot … Read More

slack botmywork

Top 5 ways Slack bots help boost team productivity

March 22, 2018

Team Productivity |2 minutes read

Beginning with Slack, which has taken over your team communication especially with the teams working remotely to the next level. … Read More

Slack bots

Improve project management through Slack bots

February 10, 2018

Team Productivity |1 minute read

If bot service had been available 10 years back, could have the post for PA and VA (Virtual Assistant) ever … Read More

Slack for project discussion

Join Slack and be updated with project discussion with team

February 6, 2018

Team Productivity |1 minute read

Working under pressure has been a routine of your daily schedule. Rushing from home to stay on time for office … Read More