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slack for managing events

Are you planning for some official fun? Use Slack for managing Events and enjoy better!

April 22, 2019

Team Productivity |3 minutes read

Communication plays a vital part in keeping everybody on the same page. Keep it all new and fresh even when … Read More

workflows measure

Leading workflows measures for your employees in 2019

April 1, 2019

Automation |4 minutes read

Every organisation needs a system to make everything streamlined. Here, workflows come with great help for any employee over the … Read More

human resource tasks

Garnering your Human Resource Management with LeavesOnBot+

March 13, 2019

HR Management |1 minute read

For a better office functioning, whole HR team works as gasoline for running things together and without any difficulty. As … Read More

team collaboration

5 Questions To Speed Up Your Business Execution In 2019

March 7, 2019

Automation |3 minutes read

Business Execution is always optimised with speed. If you don’t part in it, choose to sit back and get yourself … Read More

team collaboration

5 ways to step-up team collaboration for your business

February 22, 2019

Team Productivity |3 minutes read

Team productivity is all set for a better team collaboration. Harness it with talented and engrossed employees!  Team collaboration is … Read More

basic steps

Learn to complete tasks on time in 3 simple ways

February 12, 2019

Team Productivity |3 minutes read

Go easy while filtering tasks and learn the importance of completing tasks on time. No matter how big and renowned … Read More

chatbot ppc

Interactive ad clicks are possible: Chatbot PPC with an edge

February 4, 2019

Facebook Marketing |3 minutes read

OK… tell me one thing, how much clicking on planned ads gets converted on your web? Yeah, I can understand … Read More

artificial intelligence

Chatbot Builder Conferred 2 Titles for Artificial Intelligence Software by Business Software Directory

January 24, 2019

News & Update |1 minute read

A giant and effective Chatbot builder for your organisation is here with the guarantee of FinancesOnline.   Chatbot Builder powered … Read More

BusyOn for Hnagouts Chat

Filter Your Employee’s Tasking With BusyOn

January 18, 2019

Team Productivity |3 minutes read

Is juggling between tasks a headache to you? Why get bothered when BOTS can do it for you! Get updates … Read More

5 must-read tips for better handling your remote company!

January 10, 2019

Automation |4 minutes read

Being the head of the organisation, you cannot miss any chance to keep an eye what is happening in remote … Read More

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