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BusyOn for Hnagouts Chat

Is juggling between tasks a headache to you?

Why get bothered when BOTS can do it for you!

Get updates about your team, and filter them quickly to check what they are working on without leaving Hangouts Chat. All this is possible with BusyOn bot by Botmywork. With BusyOn bot, you get updates about your team and filter them to quickly to check what they are working on.

Not only is this a great tool but also here you can manage everything without leaving Hangouts Chat.  

So, gear up and automate your complete task management processes with well-defined way and also report them tasks by the realms of Hangouts Chat.

Well, let’s get started, how you will go about…

In the image below, you can do task management natively inside Hangouts Chat where you can assign tasks to your employees. Here, you can also see that after you have added BusyOn in your room. The complete managerial system is getting streamlined by the chatbot itself through a very conversational tone. 

Hangouts Chat

As far as the applications of this system in daily teamwork are concerned, following are some areas where BusyOn bot for Hangouts Chat will help you:

  • It is very useful when you do not need any dedicated heavy system for task management. BusyOn bot works within Hangouts Chat which is the best option to easily create and assign tasks inside Hangouts Chat.

  • You have a team having many members, especially working from remote locations, they have different time zones. It is difficult for you to track their activity. Using BusyOn bot, they simply update their tasks in the dedicated room in Hangouts Chat. You can just log in to your account in BusyOn web application and check the daily activities of the team members based on different filters. You can also view the report on team activities and even download the reports in different formats. 

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This bot will smoothly display pending tasks to your employees and perform the operations in no time. Adding to this, with this you can also assist your remote working employees to stay tuned with their work with clear acceptance of time-gap and location without any vital hindrance of the work performance and business output. 

  • Team members not only update their tasks which BusyOn bot tracks, but also can mark their task as complete by entering @busyon done. This helps you view time spent on a specific task. This has many advantages. You get an overview of how much time a team member took to complete a task. This helps to make a decision about a team member. Also, you can charge a fee from your client on the basis of the task time spent easily. BusyOn bot will also help to achieve all these by the advanced dashboard to check tasks summary. You can also say that this is a complete solution to manage your business and employees with their tasks.


  • Task tracking in different teams is easier with BusyOn bot. You do not need to login to multiple team accounts in a task management tool. Simply log in to your BusyOn account and from their only, you can switch to different rooms dedicated to different teams in Hangouts Chat. This is a well automated tool that keeps an eye on switching from one group to another from without re-login and with a single click. This will help to save your time from getting across on other platforms and check the tasks there. Here, you can easily access multiple tasks from a different domain on the central platform. BusyOn dashboard is a dedicated place where you can easily view team activities summary. This will help you to make decisions about your team. Adding to this more, BusyOn bot provides with a detailed view of tasks from the due date to completion and complete time taken for the completion. Through this space, being the manager of your team, you’ll be able to manage each and every task without any hurdle.
  • Your team members can even integrate their BusyOn account with Google Calendar so that they can see their tasks anytime, even offline. To support this statement, a feature from the solution also claims that there is easy syncing with Google Calendar. Which means that your employees would get the right time for their work completed without any failure of losing out.

These are a few areas where BusyOn bot can be helpful to you without having a heavy task management application for your team. Following the STEPS which help you access all functionalities of BusyOn bot and as output, you will be able to increase productivity at your workplace.

increase productivity

You can also check BusyOn Tutorial Knowledgebase at hereIf you still have issues using BusyOn bot, reply in comments and let me know. 

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