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Make a smart move with artificial intelligence for your business with the best of messenger bot builder all for you…

With the advancement of bot system in today’s scenario, it won’t be much later when bots will take charge of the human race. As it is gets improved day by day, the new software is getting coded. This helps in upgrading with human-like mimic for using the different messaging platform. Hold on tightly with one of the best ever Facebook messenger bot with 18x power.

So, buckle on for your esteemed business with springing results. Nevertheless, the purpose of e-commerce sites can be different but they still need a bot which can provide engagement to their concerned target group whenever they are away… So, welcome the onset of #bot into your domain.

Topic to discuss:

  1. Rise of Bot World
  2. Focus upon Facebook Messenger
  3. Businesses which are using Messenger chatbot

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Rise of Bot World

With the advent of the bot system in your niche, you should keep in mind that since past 2 years Facebook Messenger. This includes WhatsApp, and even Skype has touched innumerable human lives with its artificial intelligence. Yes, this can be called as the real dawn of ‘Bot World’. To better understand, movies like Star Wars (with its editions), Rogue One, Pacific Rim, The Terminator, Transformer and many others are perfect examples. More than enough to understand the concept of bot with human living.

Focus upon Facebook Messenger

Choosing the best social media platform for your marketing strategy will not buy you gold.  But it would not simply buy you limes either.

The first and foremost reason which tells you why you should pick Facebook Messenger Bot for your business is that-

  • it has much-strengthened client base by 2.4+ billion active people.
  • Being the largest social media catering platform, Facebook Messenger bridges the world with a minute to minute social updates in real time.

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Secondly, more and more users are connecting with the social networking giant. And thereby want to get the best experience from Facebook Messenger API. Well, sharing quick information from stats which shows facebook messenger subscribers has uplifted the level of active users from 2014 to September 2017. As of the last report, mobile users have been paced upstaging. It up with 2nd rank as the largest mobile chat apps worldwide.

Number of monthly active Facebook Messenger users from April 2014 to September 2017 (in millions)

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Apart from that, giving you a wider perspective of the forecast for artificial intelligence in digital marketing. The world which shows the simultaneous scale of a number of social channel users from 2015-2022.

Between 2015 and 2021 it is predicted smooth scale by 7.35 % form a 55.19 percent penetration rate. In 2015 to the penetration of 62.53 percent in 2021. The data presented covers all individuals who used the internet at least once a month from any social media clad device. Later that year, in 2016 Ofcom claimed that women users have been greater than men by 78% and 73% respectively. A year later, in 2017 Facebook over-power other social media platforms by hovering lion share in the market.

Forecast of social network user numbers in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2015 to 2022 (in million users)

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Businesses which are using Messenger chatbot

Running a business is like caring for a newborn child where you need to watch for everything from pampering to make the newbie grow for better and competing future. Same is like with your business, where you need to work from the very established stone to very automation of everything for better and smooth communication with your users. Well, this can be the promise of better customer service, more sale and growth and much more…

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Let’s tap in which all businesses already have synced artificial intelligence into their system:

  1. Staples: Being the largest office material supplier, Staple has also created its own Facebook-friendly bot to help provide customized updates for users. It too provides order confirmation updates and also a smooth notification on updates.
  2. Roger Wireless: Canada based company for the largest wireless carrier has seen 69% customer satisfaction after implementing bot into their system. It mainly boosts user experience that takes care of more revenue generation.
  3. TechCrunch: Largest online publisher for technological news has developed bot on Facebook Messenger to inform their users about the articles/blogs published. This will not only let their customers stay tuned, but it will also help to chat with their customers in no time and get updated with new releases and stories.
  4. KLM: As the name suggests- KLM Royal Dutch Airlines supports bot which confirms booking purchase via messenger. Through this, active users take heed of check-in reminders, flight status updates, boarding passes & much more. The messenger bot adds functionality and utility to messenger with streamline services to its users.
  5. Sephora: World-renowned brand specialized for cosmetics and personal care uses Facebook Messenger which assists its clients to book their appointments and also company’s virtual artist bot helps to make a smart choice with the accessories available there…

The Takeaway

Facebook Messenger bots are going to get more advanced which will fit the jigsaw puzzle of customer service, sales, and marketing.

Keeping heed with these things you can also approach for bot building according to your business/brand which will surely extend smooth communication between your customers, facilitate solutions to their problems and many other features by training your self. Yes, it is possible in 2018 which will be in fashion for the future.

So stay tuned, there is a lot more to share with you.

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