7 grave mistakes to ward-off during Scrum Daily Meets

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Beware! Does your organization face shortcomings due to the daily meeting? Then, you need to read this…

Just a stand-up meeting, is at the most important to brush up everything once again for the team to work upon. And if it stays short and to-the-point it works brilliantly.

As discussed in my previous blog, I had presented you with 10 unique sets of norms which you can take help while conducting daily scrum meeting. Well, if you want to read up again then here it is:

Just 15 minutes and know your tasks via Scrum Meeting…

Nevertheless, coming back to the topic a daily stand-up or daily scrum is an integral component of any organization. This will help to keep the agile team on task for better performance.

Somewhere in between loopholes sustains their knots which cannot get entangled.
Here, we will discuss the shortcoming that the team faces while having daily scrum meeting just for 15 minutes.

Yes, just 15 minutes but still there are problems which un-track the whole process of status reporting.

scrum master

Counting upon the issues what not to do in a meeting…

  • Showing up late:

Being the early bird at my office floor and stand up a meeting as such, mark my word “Be prompt when the meeting tends to take place”. Keeping these meeting to the point and effective can be a tough task. And of course, walking in late for the meeting show your clumsy side. Which is really bad for any employee to badge.

  • Not a status meeting:

Well, you cannot take this otherwise. Stand up meeting is not just a meeting which can tap with the reports and your daily task. It is just a 15 minutes meeting which involves a planning session for what will be the next step. In this meeting, nobody will ask your task status for your reporting head. It is simply to keep every team member on the same page.

  • Avoid micromanaging the team:

Another mistake which often occurs in a stand-up meeting is that the scrum master levies instructions to the team members and plans how the team members will carry out any particular activity. Team members should realize their responsibility and collaborate to solve process-related issues. Thereby, the scrum master or the team leader should not try to micro-manage the team activity.

stand up meeting

  • Not meant solely for the scrum master:

As you must know, the scrum master is the leader of this standup meeting. But, it does not mean that daily scrum is actually held for a scrum master. Stand up meeting is basically held for keeping tap with the basic updates and working can be discussed.

Well, during the process 3 important questions are being asked by the team members

This includes-tasks which were done the day before, a task which will be done the present day and the problems which the team can face while working for the assigned work.

After answering the questions, it is assumed the working nerve of the team and thereby the meeting is put off.

  • Not to be used for carrying out technical discussions:

Daily stand up meeting is just to acknowledge the process or the stand up meet for each other. It is not to resolve the issues which are incurring in the process.

Still, the technical issue is reported as important during these stand-up meets. The daily scrum should not be used for discussing technical issues but it can be put across the meet is sustained.

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  • Not making the three fundamental questions a part of the meeting:

As discussed earlier, scrum meeting is not just a meeting for 15 minutes where you tend to discuss what your team is working upon… By its characteristics, it is crisp and short. It is just too the point where every member of the group is standing.

During these stand-up meeting, team members have questioned three questions which stand as fundamental in the proceeding :
1. What you have done yesterday?
2. What you will be doing today?
3. What problems you will be facing while working on the task.

So, to start away with your meet, you need to keep account over this…

  • Stating the same daily task on consecutive days:

Anything thing is possible while working in a team and in projects where are multiple members. If any developers take long to finish any task or accomplish the desired results according to the time then scrum master or the team leader is the person to contact. Then there can be stand up meeting and after the meeting gets over, there can be a special meeting to discuss the issue (later on).

Wrapping Up:

Daily standup meeting can be easy and well understandable. But when it can refrain from shortcoming like these.
Running an organization is a big task but running it in an automated way can be your move.

Have you ever heard about holding a daily scrum meeting with Slack?

Well, it is here where you can conduct standup meetings digitally as well as handle tracking and reporting tasks without leaving your official conversational platform Slack.
So, pick a digital way this holiday season and manage your team with smoothness.

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