5 Ways To Send Facebook Messenger Broadcast That Engages

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Facebook Messenger Broadcast

With the verge of email marketing, boost your messaging with a framework that tickles your customers to read. Smarten it up with useful information and a zing of bluntness in your messages. Say Hello to Facebook Messenger Broadcasts!!!

Ever seen a boring email template saying “Your Cart Is Waiting.”(If you haven’t you’ll see in this post later). If it doesn’t contain what the receiver wants, your message might not be accepted.

To convey your message and deliver your genuine thoughts with a piece of content, you must make it engaging that can compel them to take the action you want them to.

What Facebook Messenger Broadcasts have to do with all this? Let’s talk…

What is Facebook Messenger Broadcasts?

Although I call it a tactic to give you desired results but to define it, I’d say

Facebook Messenger Broadcast is a message brands send to their targeted audience or a list of segmented subscribers. The intent behind sending these broadcasts is to attract new users or convert potential customers.

Why Facebook Messenger Broadcasts For Business?

High open-rates and click-through rates are obvious. To learn the deep benefits of Messenger Broadcasts, let’s understand it with an example.

facebook messenger broadcast

Think what would users do after looking at this kind of email template?

I think a simple step they’ll take for all these messages… DELETE. Most often users do this so to unburden their inbox.

But why does this happen? Where is the real fault?

Reason can be enumerable like increasingly multiple spam filters, individual server issues, perturbed database, Invalid address, the sender’s reputation, and other bitter excuses.

However, Messenger Broadcasts are like a promotional message that doesn’t bother your Facebook Messenger subscribers and make them interact with it. It targets the audience and their taste of acceptance and thereby lifts the conversion rate.

If you want to excel the number of clicks over the ads you need to strengthen your digital marketing strategies and Facebook Messenger Broadcasts has the potential to do it.

There are more than a billion people active on Facebook Messenger per month. What great is that you can get personal with every one of them with Messenger Broadcasts.

It’s an impactful way to bear your Facebook Messenger Marketing campaign via conversation. Still, there’s nothing’s perfect and even Facebook Messenger Broadcasts fail. So, to make this situation not to seep your marketing, let’s count upon 5 ways to encourage better messaging broadcasting for your business.

1: Simple Yet Attractive

I don’t know why this is so complicated for brands. But a simple message can deliver its information way better than a complex one. The easier it is, the better customers find it to interact with.

Create your Welcome message with a short and crisp text that readers get the first time they read it. Although you can use rich elements like emojis, stickers, etc. to make it persuasive.

Don’t forget to give them the power to make choices. Choices like Buying, Visit your site, accept or decline an offer and Unsubscribe to your messages.

2: Do Not Impersonate

You yourself are the brand. Nothing great will work against it! With Messenger broadcasts, you can exhibit the brand voice which can easily connect with the fan in a conversational way.

Take note of your organization’s internal style of pitching, customer service language, advertising copy and much more. This will give you a strong conscience of your voice of presentation and the tone to use in your Messenger broadcasts.

3: Don’t Be A Selfish Salesman

We all are humans and we cannot stand anybody shouting over our heads saying, “Sale | Sale | Sale. Grab the great sale or regret later. FLAT 50% OFF on all Apparel.”

Same can be your voice and pattern to convey your message. Your followers using Facebook Messenger as a conversational medium, and who are not so accustomed in your shrill voice will take it on its face value.

Instead of promoting a product, provide them with the benefits of that product and what problems it’ll resolve for them. If they’re facing the issues that product can solve, they’ll more likely to approach you themselves to try that.

4: Always Be A Human

Be real as much as you can as you tend to share the big news with your friends and family over text. Employ those same conversational techniques in your Messenger broadcasts.

You cannot simply tell them about your Sale. It won’t worth it! Messenger is a friendly platform that gels conversation with ease from the very beginning. Nowadays, the public is not too lame that they would act according to your say.

They can retaliate accordingly to the same and can slam your pressuring content over social media. Well, now you can understand what grievances it can take place.

To regulate the content, you can even include the experience of some friendly conversation.

5: Be More Personalized, Targeted And Specific

It’s tough but you have to get indulged in reaching out to your target. It’s a fact that a single shoe does not fit everyone. Likewise, every person has different interests.

Your Messenger broadcasts should be a one-to-one process that has the power to cater to everyone. In other words, we can say your messenger broadcasts must have that personal touch that can trigger the reader’s emotions.

I’d say this isn’t rocket science now with messenger broadcasts. You can assign tags to a specific audience with a specific interest.

For instance, you can assign tags like ‘Photography’ to the users who are fond of taking pictures. This’ll permit you to send stuff related to photography to engage them more. You can also give a personalized touch to the broadcasts by mentioning the receiver’s name, etc. in it.


Facebook Messenger Broadcast is one such responsibility which is like sending emails to your existing or potential customers. You should not take this easily as it can be unsubscribed. So, you cannot simply play with the fire.

A personalized, well-targeted, short and engaging broadcast message can compel a user to open it. If the broadcast satisfies a user, it can create a chain of users who’ll get engaged with that broadcast. This boosts your chances to expand your user base and get more loyal customers.

Eventually, all of this will make an impact on your sales and revenue and your business growth.

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