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May 9, 2018

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Facebook and its Messenger has grown so much that it has now come up with custom bots for Messenger at your disposal. This will thread all your customers and clients into one link with your business. This will in return improve client conversion rate of your brand. So, it is your stand which will incorporate messenger bot into your business.

This is all powered by social media giant Facebook whose types are becoming effective tool for business. Not only that my friend, it will also help to attract more sales via direct payment gateways and improve customer service.

Firstly, what are chatbots?

What are they? They simply look like aliens if you see their icons in the varied logos of the business firms. Well, clearing out the air which is keeping up the steam in this budding technological era.

Chatbots are computer programs or can be specifically said a sample of artificial intelligence which initiates conversation via auditory or textual method.

Chatbots are the future of market.


” We think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend,” — Mark Zuckerberg


One of the main markets for chatbots, and the earliest adopter, is eCommerce. That is because online stores have the most to gain from using chatbots that will be able to assist clients with their inquiries 24/7, for 365 days a year.

So, come let’s investigate more for benefits of messenger bot and why does your brand really needs it!

benefits of messenger bot

Benefits of messenger bot for your business

Benefits of messenger bot for your business:

1- Provides more custom experience:

Facebook’s discovered feature i.e. messenger bot purely allows customers to build bond with the business. They are interacting with and what is that which keeps them intact with that brand.

As bot is an interactive and new software application which automate tasks with comfort. It also helps to develop relationship through authentic communication thread for every customer.

2- Allow customers to do direct purchase via chatbots:

Once your messenger bot is fully established, you as the owner of the business can permit your customer to do easy and smart purchase via chatbots.

Here, facebook messenger bot will come to your great help as about more than 2 billion are always online from any timezone. Purchase through chatbots will streamline the process. Not only that, it will provide an interaction with the bot which will make the purchase a happy process!

3- Branches out to more client base:

Custom bot, slack bots or even messenger bot, whichever bot types you want to use for your business, it would help to speed up sales improve client base. Customers have now become quite vigilant when it comes to interaction and how the business is working upon to connect with the customers.

Chatbots and custom bots are great tool to amplify conversion and smoothen interaction with the buyer. Not only that, you can also incorporate things like games, fun facts, blogs, tips etc so to keep up the steam!


messenger bot


4- More visibility:

If you choose something out of the box, it is likely to gain visibility. Same thing happens if your chatbot have something which will initiate more conversion and promise more sale! Messenger bots will prove as a great place which will show positive interest among your customers. If people get to know about your chat bot which carries something unique and will help them to get something, it will definitely increase sale from your business platform.


5- Respond to customer service questions:

To save time for other proceeding in business flow, chatbots can be your helping hand when it comes to repeated asked inquiry questions. Creating a bot is not not only for simplifying processes for purchases. It too includes to help your customers know what they want to know about your business. So the questions which are repeatedly asked are:

  • Shopping/business hours.
  • Complete list of services and products.
  • Prices
  • Discounts and coupon codes
  • Exchange policy (if any)
  • About and contact information

In the nutshell:

Since that time when bot first got developed and introduced in the public domain, it has always smoothen the work culture in different fields. Chatbots has crept in so many fields which is workable for normal living. Fields which have experienced the benefits of bots are:

  •  E-Commerce.
  •  Hospitality and Travel.
  •  Call centers.
  •  Healthcare.
  • Manufacturing.

Wrapping up…

So, initiate the perks of social media giant Facebook into your chatbot system and improve sale in your business. Get the best of messenger bot now and accelerate your business sale.

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