About Us

BotMyWork is a rapidly growing Chatbot builder company that’s on a mission to provide intelligent and affordable Facebook Messenger chatbots to all. Our chatbot automates conversation on Messenger, generates leads, conveys information, provides 24/7 support, broadcasts messages, gathers data and much more. Chatbot — an awesome automation tool.

150% Commission

With every Pro sale you bring for BotMyWork, you will get:

50% in the first month of the pro sale

And, 20% upto next 5 months of the sale.

How to Join

The BotMyWork Affiliate program is FREE and easy to join. Anyone who has an audience that might be interested in having Messenger chatbots can join, promote and bring affiliate sales of the PRO product and get rewarded with high commission and build a good source of income.

The more you refer, the more you earn.

Apply For Affiliate

Apply for the BotMyWork affiliate program after successful sign up.

Bring Pro Sales

Promote BotMyWork Chatbot Builder among your audience, and bring PRO sales.

Get Rewarded

Get your commission directly in your PayPal account. More sales you bring, the more you earn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many days will the cookies be stored?

    We track your sales using cookies, therefore you need to allow usage of cookies on your browsers. We keep you cookies for 120 days.

  • What is the commission structure?

    We have a recurring commission structure for 6 months. On every sale you make, you get 50% in the first month and 20% upto next 5 months. However these recurring commissions are paid only if your referred customer keeps taking our services. If they stop, the commission will stop thereby.

  • Is there any other payment option other than PayPal?

    No. All the payments will be made using Paypal. So, as an affiliate partner, you need to submit your PayPal email address to receive your commission.

  • Is having a website compulsory?

    No, there is no compulsion to have a website. We allow anyone who has an audience that might be interested in having Facebook Messenger chatbots. You can use whatever platform you have, which can be social media platforms, email lists, direct contact, etc.

  • Is joining BotMyWork Affiliate Program free or are there any joining fees?

    Joining BotMyWork affiliate is free and no entry charges are needed. However, BotMyWork reserves the right to reject or approve your affiliate registration/application in our sole discretion. You will have no legal recourse against us if your application is rejected.


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