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5 ways to step-up team collaboration for your business

February 22, 2019

Team productivity is all set for a better team collaboration. Harness it with talented and engrossed employees! 

Team collaboration is the main setting which can actually speed-up your business on growing channels. Indeed, it is not that ‘Me’ which stands by it is simply ‘We’ that brings the real magic!

Collaboration is important for any team formation. The study reveals that with the introduction of modern tools,

80% of businesses get enhanced with its processes. This stat is powered by Mckinsey.


So with the working fervor together an effective team, there is no space for solitary working (at all). If you seriously want to implement this in your workspace, you need to get the engagement of your employees. Remember, being a team leader or a manager I myself deeply work upon collaborative successful work environment for my people who work day in and out to bring great results.

collaborative successful work environment

Be it any assignment like-live projects, bringing out products in the market, achieve objectives/goals. Collaboration has indirect benefits as well:

  • Creating a sense of ownership
  • Building and maintaining relationships via giving and receiving feedback to peers and other team members Share good thoughts or ideas to nurture the tuning for collaboration
  • Listen to and acknowledge the feeling and concerns your teammates share.

Well, this is not enough…

I have clubbed up 5 ways to speed up collaboration in your team. Let’s discuss:

1.Transparent procedure

A team always asks for transparent processes because gaps can call failures. Team collaboration allows aspirants of the team to be honest, true to their duties and even share their ideas openly (even the dark sides of thoughts). The more you run a frank and easy process to communicate, the better and quick will be to project.

2.Connect with your core people

Perhaps, to start with, you need to connect with your core people so to get the wheel turning. Let them know your idea and allow them to proceed on varied directions as per your selection. Then hold simultaneous meetings of the findings by the teammates on the subject. This will surely connect the people with the project and thereby be seen as continuous growth.

ways to speed up collaboration

3.Imply easy and smart tool

With the advancement of smart tools like bot integration for team communication platforms, you can get updated posts and reviews from your teammates for better processing. Via this process, every conversation will be a good thread and the team will able to break down any barrier together.

4.Recognize joint efforts

On the other hand, when you are talking about team collaboration, it is never the work of a single person. It is always a joint work. Recognizing their individual efforts likely brings big results. Try to appreciate their efforts by saying ‘Good job’, ‘nice’ and other positive words like this.

5.Encourage communications at all times

Collaboration itself calls for smooth communication. Team productivity never out powers without the sweet essence of communication. You should always welcome positive communication in your team as collaboration always happens over talk and communication is vital for it.


We stand together

Team collaboration is the ultimate sauce for everything. You cannot be judgemental in keeping the things on the table just like that. Perhaps, with the rise of digital scenario, you should also check out the types of bots you have got.

If you want to track your team tasks and reporting, being a professional hunk you cannot say no to chatbots that work on top of Slack and Hangout chats which are advanced with innovations.

Just image, a channel which will provide:

  • Easy creation and assigning tasks in real time
  • Displaying pending tasks and thus completing it on time
  • Check the activities of team members and their time spent
  • Providing a detailed view of tasks from assigning to completion and much more.

So, when are you standing together with your team and using team collaboration tool for better results?

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5 ways to step-up team collaboration for your busi…

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