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Slack is just Awesome with our Bots

task filtering

Busy on

BusyOn helps the Team Leader to keep track of the Team members on what they are busy on. Once Busyon is activated, the Team members can update their activities using the /busyon command in the authorized channel which can be tracked by the Team Leader easily.

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task management


TaskOnBot is a Project and Task Management Bot within Slack. No need to leave your conversation to manage your team work. Tasks can be created inside the Slack Channel when the conversation is going on. Once installed, you can create and assign the tasks to your team members using /assign command.

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task filtering


HROnBot is a simple yet powerful HR management tool for Slack. It is the easiest way to implement HR based operations within your team, all without leaving Slack. It re-defines the way you can manage HR Activities. Team members can apply for leave by typing command /leaves and can check their leave status by typing command /leavestatus and much more within Slack.

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  • Botmywork is passionate to assist its clients to automate their work with the help of Different ChatBots.
  • We have the capability to sense the clients requirements easily and constantly strive to provide solutions to their complications for which they are not apprised of.
  • We have Dedicated and Experienced Developers who have deep apprehension in providing customised Bots just for you.
  • Our long term of experience and dedication with Chatbots has given us way to satisfy whatever our client needs due to which we always lie in Trending Zones.
  • We as a Team, are always impatient to do something more diverse so that we always reside in the top Leading Brands.

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